Panasonic 14.1MP Digital Camera with Leica 16x Optical Zoom, GPS & HD Video

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Panasonic 14.1MP Digital Camera with Leica 16x Optical Zoom, GPS & HD Video
$169.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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How many digital cameras & vacuums can 1 person own??

I must say Panasonic has been making great consumer point & shoots for years. I’ve got a couple & can’t be happier. Maybe this could be something for the girlfriend!

More than you can count. Now buy 3.

Here is a great Zoom chart from Fujifilm to show you how about how a 16x would look!

User’s manual

This is a great deal. Check out the camera pricing on Google and you’ll be back here to WOOT real quick!!

Nice. This is a great little camera, I agree that Lumix is a wonderful and consistently good line of digital cameras.

Price comparison: price: $254 (for new, not refurbished). $265.

Adorama: $249 (you need to add to cart to see this price).

I’d get one if I needed one…

Optical and digital zoom. Big difference

If you plan on actually trying to capture decent images with a 16x zoom, invest in a mono-pod. Even a cheapo-eBay will work wonders.

From the description:
"GPS function tags your photos and videos with place, name, and coordinate details for tracking and recalling location of images"

While GPS sounds like a great idea, privacy experts warn against using it for photos you plan to post publicly. That’s because anyone can download the photos and see where they were taken. If you have photos of your home or workplace, you’ve placed yourself at risk for stalkers. Especially if you look hot! :slight_smile: More seriously, if you display anything of value, i.e. a car, it’s at risk. And if it’s a photo of your house, whether interior or exterior, you’ve given potential robbers information about how to break in. Some websites will automatically strip GPS info from all uploads, but not all so be careful about using it on public photos.

Previous woot:

We love our rugged, reliable Panasonic Luminix DMC TZ1.

If we were ready for an upgrade, we’d POUNCE on this.

We’ve just read online reviews for this camera, and the old “Lumix DMC-ZS10” - seems to really be holding its own.

I got the DMC-ZS6 from Woot a while back over the summer. I absolutely love it, the options are great, and it takes wonderful shots. The zoom is really amazing as well, shows a little noise at full zoom (digital too) but with just optical it is astounding. I would definitely recommend Panasonic digital cameras and would buy this camera, if someone would take my old one. Don’t worry about it being refurb either, quite a good price.

The people at DPReview don’t think much of it. In a comparison test they rated it in the middle of the pack for image quality in good light, and at the bottom for low-light and flash performance. Their conclusion said

(Reposted from the last time this camera was offered.)

My previous comments:

By the way, it was $239.99 then, so it’s $70 cheaper than August.

Product webpage:

including tab to multiple reviews:

From the US Panasonic website:

Product support page:

including manual assuming I picked the right model:

(Yeah, I know the manual is linked above, just keeping it in for future reference).

Limited consumer reviews on tab for main US product page:

$239.99 price from August 13, 2011 last woot vs. $169.99 November 13-today. I’ll also tell you that I have bought several Panasonic cameras and have not been disappointed, and provide


and show you that PC Magazine’s last Readers’ choice award for digital cameras went to Panasonic and Nikon last September 2011:

but Panasonic still finished a respectable 3rd including:

“While Panasonic may have lost its top spot in superzooms, it wasn’t far behind with an overall rating of 8.5. The company’s cameras in this category had the highest reliability rating in the category (9.1) and the fewest superzooms needing repairs (1 percent). Panasonic had the lowest repair rate across all categories (2 percent) as well. It received the highest overall rating from our readers in the enthusiast category and was consistently in the top tier in other categories. For these reasons, Panasonic also gets an Honorable Mention.”

PC World readers put Panasonic on top autumn 2010:

Other reviews:



ZDNet’s collection of the reviews if you would prefer:

Digital Camera Review:

Okay, I’m beat, good night!

(Edit: cleaned up a few outdated words/phrases).

(Edit: Last update, PCMag article on quality now available for 2011. Panasonic again did well).

Which model is this? Because if it’s the DMC-ZS8, you can get it in Silver for $179.99 NEW, and with Free Shipping on Amazon.

EDIT:Never mind my question. I see now it’s the DMC-ZS10.

We had the older version of this camera with only the 12x zoom, and we were astonished how much better the pictures were and what we could capture compared to our canon point and shoots. We lost the camera at kings island and have lamented it ever since. The Leica lens seems to make a major difference, especially when compared to other cameras in this price range. Shutter lag was never a problem, although we got some blurry first pictures before we mastered letting the AF adjust and lock. The ability to adjust many of the manual features is great even for amateurs like me, pros would love it. The zoom really is where this camera excels…you will be blown away by how good this camera is for the money. Oh yeah, the optical zoom worked when shooting HD video, and I am pretty certain this one does too.

Steve’s Digicam review.