Panasonic 14.1MP Digital Camera with Leica 16x Optical Zoom, GPS & HD Video



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Panasonic 14.1MP Digital Camera with Leica 16x Optical Zoom, GPS & HD Video
$159.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Just ANOTHER camera




But this one has GPS!


I am curious. Everyone keeps saying this is the worst Wootoff ever. When was the best one? There must have been one awesome one that everyone is comparing this one too, right?


Is this compatible with my hideous family?


You Could take some quality CAT pictures with this…


People still buy these huh? Go figure…


this may be the worst woot-off in recent memory. I don’t think I’ve seen one item that I’ve been remotely interested in, not to mention each item has taken forever and a day to sell out.





i may buy this just so i can take a video of me opening my bag o crumcakes


Bring-on the Bag O’ Crap! Bring-on the Screaming Woot Monkey!


my country for a barrel of cute!


Im starting to fail tHe SPAM BOT Visualization Test.
Must mean a BBOC is just a click away


I wanted the one without GPS. Bring it back!!!


Nope. It’s freshmen hazing. They have to say it in order to be part of the club. The club that you will never be allowed to join.


whats the difference between optical zoom and intelligence zoom?


If you need a digital camera, this one is excellent. I bought a similar one at Costco for a lot more, and it takes excellent pictures and video. No, I’m not being paid for this endorsement :stuck_out_tongue:


This Woot-Off has gone to the cats. This one just can’t wait to get her paws on this deal…