Panasonic 14.1MP Digital Camera

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Panasonic 14.1MP Digital Camera
$159.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Why this isn’t a breadbox at all!

Yeah, and you probably could have guessed it too!

Great Amazon reviews too and about $60 cheaper here:

Dad-gummit… They’re called Mega Pickles & Giggity Bites.

Thanks woot! But over $100 and a refub, I have to pass even tho I need another cam.

I bought one of these back in October for about $50 more. I’m loving it so far.

I have this camera and must say it is the first point and shoot camera that I have been happy with. It takes some great pictures!

I’m going to lay low for a bit and hope that sdc100 will be along in a while to explain why (or not) I should purchase this to film and pict my grandgirls this upcoming summer.

Great price for the included features. Built in GPS is an added bonus. Some people reported experience better camera results with this model after upgrading the firmware. I’ve never had a bad Panasonic product.

Some pros/cons pulled from reviews:

PROS (things I care about):

  • gorgeous brown exterior color
  • stereo mics in sensible place (rarely covered by fingers when recording)
  • 16x optical zoom (more, in some modes)
  • compact (considering all the features)
  • cool GPS implementation with landmarks already inputted
  • 30 SCN (scene) modes - these are great when you want a certain “look” to your pics, but don’t have time to change the settings (or aren’t familiar with them) - the icons are in color, now.
  • CUST (custom) setting on dial, so you can set your favorite settings for a frequent scene
  • tripod socket in the middle = more well-balanced on weaker/smoother tripods (the sony’s is on the edge)
  • the battery/card door ‘springs’ open when unlocked (this makes it easier to access contents with one hand)
  • did I mention the gorgeous brown wrapper?

This camera has many more features (3D, 10fps burst shooting, face detection, face recognition, etc.)


  • disgraceful IQ in very low-light (I realize this is not an SLR, but it’s really bad, even when compared to the older, cheaper Sony)
  • awful IQ/inexcusably high noise in low light (light from a 60W bulb, diffused, 8 feet away)
  • low-light modes “hidden” in sub-menus (the sony has two, right on their dial) - may be possible to assign one to the CUST (custom) setting on the dial
  • even when using flash, image is “blown out” (compared to the Sony)
  • solid colors appear grainy, image appears fuzzy (even when viewing at 62% - full-screen). I didn’t even bother pixel-peeping - the horror!

I got this the last time it was on Woot, to replace two Canons – a full-size and a subcompact.

I wanted the full-size Canon’s long optical zoom and the ease of taking the subcompact along. But I had grown tired of having to choose between the cameras.

I’ve had five Canon digital cameras, so it was a difficult thing to move to Panasonic, but I’m completely happy with mine. Picture quality is terrific, response time is better than either of the two most recent Canons, battery life is good (though I bought another battery just because I want redundancy in that area).

You call this a tablet? It’s only got a 3 inch screen! And it’s not even running Android!

Here is a review from a trustworthy source. He makes some great comparisons to Panasonics high end cameras. WARNING: VERY DETAILED!

tl:dr he recommends it and it fares well against its competitors

I bought this refurbished model before and had to return is due to flaky operation. Beware.

WOW… NOT A TABLET! Way to go woot!

I paid $10 more for this camera back early in Dec. I had an earlier Lumix 5MP camera that I had been quite happy with (that cost more than twice this one). The resolution and optical zoom upgrade convinced me to go for it. The other positive is the reduction in shutter delay; it’s almost nil (the older Lumix had an annoying delay I had learned to live with). If this one stands the test of time as well as the 5MP one has I will be very satisfied. So far so good…

I see it new for $185 including free shipping. However, the site Certified Digital appears pretty questionable.

When I go to Resellers Ratings - all the good ratings are August and Sept 2011. Then nothing until December and January and they are bad ratings.

That’s a nice Leica lens. A really good lens will make more difference than another 5 megapixels.

I have an older model of this camera (DMZ-TZ4) that I got in 2009, and I absolutely LOVE it. I bought it since I was going to New York for a few baseball games and was going to be sitting way out in right-center and wanted to be able to take good pictures. With the mega-zoom these cameras have (with OPTICAL zoom), I was able to see the facial expressions of the hitters a full 400 feet away.

If you want a camera with a ton of zoom, this is DEFINITELY the one to get if you don’t want the full-on XLR kit over your shoulder. The image quality is excellent, the zoom is unbeatable, and this is quite a good price (I paid about $200 for my refurbished DMZ-TZ4 in 2009).

I’d love to finish this by saying I’m in for one, but my '09 model is still going strong!