Panasonic 16.1 MP 20x Opt Digital Camera

You might want to look on you tube about repair (getting sand out) of lens. It might be problem.

You are right as the camera at bh is 30 bucks more and carries a 1 year warrenty.

To buy this refurb here is a joke.

A little late in the day, but looking at the listing at B&H it does not include the 16GB SDHC card that the Woot deal does at the $160 price. To get it from B&H with the 16GB SDHC card would be around $183. Just comparing apples to apples.

I have the DMC-ZS10 that I purchased here at WOOT and love the thing! It’s been to Hawaii twice, Durango CO several times and many, many weekend trips to Nags Head NC. It’s been dropped several times (Once on a lava field) and the protective plastic cover on the display is now cracked (from hitting something while in my pocket) and it still takes the best pictures of any point-and-shoot I’ve ever owned…For this reason, that’s why I’m going in for the DMC-ZS25. If my ZS10 is any indication, then thie ZS25 is going to be a good investment! The only downside with the ZS25 is that I don’t see anywhere that it has GPS…I’ll really miss that feature! But I do have my Eye-fi, so that helps!
What about my ZS10? Well, my wife wants a better camera, so if she wants it, it’s hers! Plus, we can share batteries!