Panasonic 18MP Digital Camera w/ 3-Inch LCD Screen

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Panasonic 18MP Digital Camera w/ 3-Inch LCD Screen
Price: $139.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Dec 29 to Wednesday, Dec 30) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Very good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at

Tempting. This was one of DPReview’s recommended “Best Compact Cameras for Travel” last year and the user reviews are generally pretty good (see

You might want to check the Costco price. It is higher but brand new and comes with some stuff.

Thanks for the link. DPReview is the go to site. After reading thru some of the user reviews some seem to say that Panasonic may have faked some of those reviews!

I got the Pentax MX1 on Woot (Best Purchase Ever!!!) and was wondering if this would be anything like the amazing Pentax? Nope.

Everybody hopes this camera will be a dream but the pics look solo (as well as horrible battery life = about 50 pics per charge). I usually go to Amazon 3Stars and long reviews show many resell on eBay.

I would def re-buy the MX1 if something happened to mine!

I bought one of the first Lumix digitals about 5 years ago just because the Leica lens is so amazing. I would love to spring for this new one only because I have been so impressed with the first one. Battery life can be an issue but additional batteries are available online so that one can carry a spare.

This is a tremendous digicam at this price (I own one). Its the least expensive one I could find with an eye-level viewfinder, correctable for the wearer’s vision, so you dont have to squint at the screen to shoot.

Doesn’t appear to come with a case???

Just ordered one. I have had the DMC-ZS40 and DMC-ZS50 in my sights for some time, and after reading the reviews, decided on the 40 for this much lower price. I too had the fuzz/dust in the lens with my older Lumix camera, but I was able to suck it out with the vacuum - yea! You can get memory cards, battery chargers, spare batteries, and a nice case online. We love our Lumix cameras.

This is a good travel zoom camera for what it is. It fits in your pocket and can zoom out to 720mm (35mm equivalencw). Like all inexpensive point-n-shoot cameras, the sensor is slightly larger and slightly better image quality than today’s best smartphones. Image perspective is also better than most smartphones, and of course, you have the big zoom.

I have an old Lumix FZ20, took great pictures, and still does ten years later. Upgraded to the FZ1000 that has a larger one-inch sensor for better image quality.

If you want great image quality, you’ll have to step up to m43 or DSLR. But those are system cameras where you need separate lenses.

Woot - you may want to proofread/correct the description. In the section “One Touch Connection (NFC)”, it references the ZS35 model, and talks about that model’s “20x” zoom. So, what is “one touch connection” (for those of us too lazy to google it!)?

On another note… will most likely pull the trigger on this. We have the DMC-ZS19. It was BY FAR, the best pocket P&S camera we had ever owned. It unfortunately now suffers from the all-too-common “lens error” and is now useless. I’ve been looking to replace it for about a year now, but used prices still hover around the price of this model on Woot.

Also, best price I found on refurb looks like $159.99. The Costco “new” model referenced above is $199.99. And, the “bonus” items you get looks like only a 16GB SD card (maybe worth $10). So, if you REALLY want new, is it worth an additional 35%+/-? Up to you…

Questions to Woot - Who did the refurb on these? Manufacturer? Third party? Are they in ‘new’ cosmetic condition with ALL of the original parts? The what’s in the box section lists NOTHING else that should be in the box (like the charging cable, wrist strap, manual, CD-ROM, etc.) Are they included?


I got about 2.5 years out of my respiffied DMC-ZS19K. The pictures were great and the zoom was very handy for taking photos of my beehive entrance traffic without getting in the flight path. It sadly now has a lens motor malfunction and won’t fire up.

Correct, no case.

Saw a couple other sites with the NFC section incorrect so it might go back to Panasonic’s original page. Sent it to the team to fix/review.

This is 3rd party reconditioned with a Woot warranty.

I’m asking about what’s included and will update this post when I hear back.

Thanks TT! I did find this on the “One Touch Connect (NFC)”:

With the Wi-Fi® connectivity with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, users can connect the camera to their smartphone/tablet with one-touch or reading the embedded QR code without the need of cabling or searching for a Wi-Fi® hotspot. In addition, users can utilize a smartphone/tablet for a secondary monitor of the camera that enables manual control or Focus Peaking in addition to setting focus, zooming or releasing the shutter with a refined GUI (Graphic User Interface) on the smartphone/tablet. It is also possible to record video while watching the motion live on a smartphone/tablet.

Hope that helps.

Looking forward to what you find out about “what’s in the box”!

Excellent camera, I bought this at B&H about over a year ago. Great quality, fast, lightweight and overall very easy to use.

Even dropped it once on a sidewalk accidentally and other than a barely noticeable scratch on the left side of the black casing, no damage at all (absolutely stunning lack of damage).

One minor note (well before the drop incident), occasionally have seen the camera have a brief issue recognizing the memory card already inserted in the camera. Rare occurrence and removing the card and reinserting it after turning it off fixes it generally.

Wow, what a great price. Nay, amazing price. For a Leica lens equipped camera?

Note to self - 90 day warranty means try it out asap to ensure that it IS working properly.
(Or buy the Square Trade extended warranty!)

Travel suggestion - monopod (camera pole) is a great way to gain stability for a steady shot, and it’s fairly innocuous. (as compared to a tripod) Never had an issue with using one at an event.

“Warning” to be taken with a grain of salt - not well reviewed at Costco, and was not impressed either, mentioning “better” alternatives that cost 2 - 3X more - Canon S120, Panasonic LX7 and Sony RX100 (all with much smaller zooms)

This is an amazing price for an excellent travel camera. Sign me up for 1!!!

I mourn the loss of decent optical viewfinders that have all but vanished from consumer-grade cameras. There is now practically a generation of new users squinting in the bright sun to frame a shot. That Finepix I got here a few weeks ago is a joy to use with zooming optical finder that even adjusts for your eyesight.