Panasonic 2.1CH Bluetooth Soundbar

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My father owns a LG 50LA6970 smart TV. Is there a way to configure this sound bar or others to make this work seemlessly with his TV. IE not having to use another remote. Will the sound bar take volume commands from the TV?

This looks like the same item without the hdmi cable with free shipping until June 1:
Average reviews at Amazon at both high and low end-they either love it or hate it.
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The buyer just didn’t like seeing all those 9s so he decided to change on of them. The price has been lowered $20 to $79.99

The usual drill: If you already purchased, the money will come flying back to your pockets soonish.

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Hmm. I recently bought a Vizio sound bar which I am very happy with. But, this has more bass. Such a dilema. What to do? I may just get this one anyway and then figure out what to do with the old one later.

Suitable TV Sizes: 42" - 50"

Why is this thing deemed not suitable for TVs larger than 50"?

This soundbar was not designed to take volume commands from another remote. If the TV remote is programmable, or if you use a TiVo or cable box, you could program those remotes to imitate the volume buttons from the soundbar remote. Also, if you connect this soundbar via the optical connection, changing the TV volume will not change the volume on the soundbar. That’s just how TV manufacturers designed it. If you connect the analog RCA cables, then you may have a setting in the TV menu that will disable the TV speakers. Then, the volume control on the TV remote will control the soundbar’s remote. If you connect via the RCA connectors, I would suggest setting the soundbar to 75% volume, and using the TV remote to change the volume, OR set the TV volume 50% to 75%, and use the soundbar remote to control the volume. The biggest advantage to using the soundbar remote is to control the dialog level, or the volume of the conversation in TV programming.

Two more notes: (1) Best Buy lists an HDMI input on their specs page. This is not true, the soundbar does not have an HDMI input. (2) There’s an IR blaster in the package. According to the manual, this is used to retransmit remote signals to the TV. HOWEVER, this only works with Panasonic TVs.

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So does this only work on Panasonic TVs?

No, Panasonic is simply the manufacturer. Check the Specs tab for the ports this soundbar is equipped with. If it plugs into one of those, you shouldn’t have trouble hooking up a non-Bluetooth device.

I ordered this and mine hasn’t shipped yet, what’s up?


Yea…whats the deal. Mine has not shipped yet either.

ThunderThighs! any info you can give us on what’s going on in the machine of woot?

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Is this thing EVER going to ship?

They’ve had my money for 3 weeks now, and no progress on the order. Most retailers don’t charge until the order ships. I guess Woot is not like most retailers.

Yeah, what’s going on?