Panasonic 2.1CH Bluetooth Soundbar

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Panasonic 2.1CH Bluetooth Soundbar
Price: $49.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, Aug 15 to Monday, Aug 18) + transit
Condition: New


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I’ve wanted this for so long, but every time I’m about to pull the trigger, I walk downstairs and look at out TV and TV stand and decide there’s no place to put this that won’t look out of place or be subject to my daughter knocking it to the floor. I know, it can go on the wall, but our TV stand is pretty high and I’m not sure how have this 6.5’ up on the wall will affect spacial imaging…and it may still look funny and there will be an unsightly cable seen from the side. I had this is my cart right now. Went down stairs, then came back up and removed it. So cheap, too. What a shame.

My hesitation is all the Amazon reviews that say it stops working in days/weeks/months…a good portion of them.

My mother needs a sound bar for her TV and I’ve been tasked with finding her one. This fits the price, but I also don’t want to get a shoddy product…

I placed mine under the TV stand. It works just fine. Check out your stand and see if it will fit under. Just a thought.

How has it been working for you? Any problems?

Delayed for a couple of days in transit (per UPS), and included no cables other than power when it arrived. Have sent a note to Woot customer service as well. Currently functioning as a space hogging, not very inspiring bluetooth music speaker for my iPhone.

I’m sorry for the problems. This was New. Have you contacted Panasonic? They will have the missing parts to send you. We can only do a return.

I never received the HDMI cable that was advertised with it. 2 attempts to customer service and no response. Its all hooked up ready to go…

These are new and the HDMI cable was supposed to be in the box.

Please reach out to Panasonic customer service. They should have parts to send you.

Yup, I called Panasonic first, they referred me to Woot. I received an email response from Woot Customer Service offering me a $20 refund, which in my case is fine - the replacement optical cable cost me $21.74 at Radio Shack, and I don’t care about the HDMI or RCA cables (well, I might want the HDMI cable some day, but it’s hard to imagine working my way through my inventory of RCA cables).

I concur, package absolutely looked new and unopened, and had shipping info from Panny to Woot (if I recall) and then on to UPS/me. It also had stickers or graphics on the box touting the cables - it just didn’t have any in the box.

If I get the partial refund, I’ll be fine with it, although overall you’ll still have shorted me an HDMI cable, RCA cables, and $1.74 :slight_smile: But I appreciate the responses both here and via CS email. No refund yet, but I assume it takes a few days to post to credit card.

I got mine a few days ago. Stopped working completely :frowning: I was very happy with it until this. And I doubt they have any left nooo

Bummer, I’m really sorry for the issue.These soundbars have a 1 yr warranty with Panasonic. I’d recommend getting in touch with them; they can likely offer troubleshooting or review your available options.

Let us know how things go!