Panasonic 4-Handset DECT 6.0 Phone System

I have this set, good phones. And…they will pair nicely with your new Ooma.

Great reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at

Love these phones, I definitely recommend them! :slight_smile:

any chance this will handle two lines?

I bought these last year. Panasonic makes great phones. I will not buy any other brand after buying these.

I bought a similar model from woot a few weeks back- The only real problem for me is the headset to headset intercom. My previous wireless phone the intercom used a “push to talk” button on the side of the phone much like an old Nextel phone, just push it and you spoke to every headset at once (on speakerphone)- press it multiple times to select a specific headset.

The Panasonic intercom however has no push to talk button, you need to get to the intercom via the menu system which is annoying to just broadcast a quick message, you can only buzz 1 headset (not all at once) and the other party has to answer the phone, it doesn’t just turn on like my old phone did, which was more ideal in case the phone was in hearing range but out of reach when you make the intercom announcement.

Can someone please confirm that the base on this has a message center (a.k.a. An answering machine)? Thanks!

I only have a land line in my house. Can I use this phone system?

Last question. Can I check any messages on left on this panasonic answering machine remotely from calling into the machine from another phone?

single line or multi line?

Zoom in on the photo and you’ll see the “Answer On/Off” button. The Sam’s Club review also mentions the answering machine. I’d say these two items make it a good bet.

Here are some reviews

  • Even if you don’t care about the included answering machine function on the base (for example if you use Ooma service voice mail), this base acts like 5th phone extension via its speakerphone.

  • While this Woot includes 4 handsets, you can add 2 more. Often it is cheaper to get those extra handsets by buying another full system and putting the extras on the shelf as backups.

  • The included rechargeable batteries are easy to find AAA’s rather than yucky proprietary batteries.

  • If you’re finally upgrading from an old cordless phone set, you’ll find Dect 6.0 technology to be cleaner sounding and more reliable.

  • If it matters to you, this Woot does not have link-to-cell which pairs your cell phone to it.

Yes. I used mine with a landline before I fired the phone company.

I love the talking caller ID! You don’t have to budge for telemarketers! And with this phone you can block their phone number!

What is the difference between this set and this one at Walmart for $79.99?

Got these from a third party on amazon, was actually 3 sets but it was only $40 or so. Definitely a good home phone.

OCD moment:
We have a house full of kids, use the intercom functionality, and find the handsets misplaced all over the house.

So we put labels on each handset, numbering them and including a handset directory on the back of each handset to make it easy to page a particular room/location.

    • 4 - -

1-Living Rm

The handsets still get misplaced but at least they eventually find their logical home.

I believe when the numeric part of the Panasonic model numbers is 3-digits and starts with a “2” it is an indication the model number was created for the warehouse clubs so they can discount the phones without ticking off other retailers. (Price match guarantees.)

So you often won’t find these special model numbers on Panasonic’s site but they are listed in the owners manual they share with the ‘non-warehouse club’ models. Owners Manual:

BTW, on page 3 you can see the other models with compatible handsets.