Panasonic 4-Handset DECT 6.0 Phone System

**Item: **Panasonic 4-Handset DECT 6.0 Phone System
Price: $69.99
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10/17/2013 - $69.99 - 33 comment(s)

10/30/2013 - $69.99 (Woot Plus)

Solid reviews (4 out of 5 stars) over at

I don’t have this exact set, but I have been very pleased with the Panasonic phones I have in my home. (I don’t remember the model number.)

Our old system only came with two handsets, though, so I’m thinking of ordering this Woot deal, because 4 handsets would be great to have.

I like the intercom features of these sets. I don’t have a land line but I still have my phones plugged in just to use the intercom feature.

I bought the 5-handset version in 2012 from Amazon. I gave it a great review then, and it’s still going strong.
Great sound quality and volume control.
Each handset still holds a charge beautifully.

I have had Panasonic phones similar to these for four years now. This set looks a bit sleeker than mine. If they didn’t change anything internally, they are great phones. I do enjoy the feature that announces the caller in between rings. The voice recognition is OK and fun to listen to some of the mispronunciations.

I like that they have two batteries that are easy to replace. However in four years they are still going strong.

The range of these phones are excellent. I was working outside and had one phone in my pocket waiting for a call. I forgot about the phone and walked four houses away. My phone rang, and to my surprise I got the phone call.

These are so good that I am tempted to get this set to replace my other Panasonic set in another vacation rental home. I have a less expensive set of Panasonics there, but I miss all of the features.

I just got these a month or so ago when woot last had them. I really like the standard ‘AAA’ battery option. A few other notes:

  • The display and buttons are a little larger than average. It’s like they were made for the elderly or vision-impaired. It’s not a turn off per-se but something we noticed right off.

  • The sound was a bit off at first and I seemed to get static, but this stopped after the first week. It may have been my phone line or something else.

Overall I’m happy with the purchase.

I bought these last time on Woot. So far, very happy. Really like the announce feature so you don’t have to get up to discover it’s a “survey”. I also imported the phonebook from my cell which wasn’t difficult. Easy to read and operate, good instructions and sounds fine - not excellent, but fine.

So glad I got rid of my land line.

Woot sells a cheaper set for $49.99 every so often. Anyone know how this compares to that set? The only difference I can tell is that this one has a keypad in the base. And the other one allows you to link your cell phone via bluetooth (this one may do that too…I just don’t see it mentioned anywhere).

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I have a similar model (5 handsets) from a membership warehouse store that starts with a C for about $20 more. I’m on my second set and have been very pleased. I replaced the old set when the keys started to stick. It’s a nice set but we don’t get the range as most do but that isn’t the fault of the phone system.

It actually has a headset jack?! Wow!

So disappointed that for the last several years phone makers have thought that speakerphone is somehow a substitute for a headset. It is not!

Not that keen on AAA batteries though. Even when you get rechargeables, the performance is not as good as the bricks. I guess you can’t win 'em all!

These come with rechargeables and, as many have already said, I totally love having them in these phones! I was always worried I would have to replace them with another set of AAA rechargeables but with my many years old set never had to even think of the batteries dying!

I don’t remember the last time I had a phone with a brick but it seemed to last about a year and replacing it cost the same as a two phone panasonic so…

The only thing that gave out on my old panasonic was the answering system. I was mostly using my carriers voice mail system anyways.

I am usually really careful but did drop the handset on bare hard wood floors a couple times with one skipping down a small flight of bare hard wood stairs! I thought that headset was a real goner but years later it is still going strong! Amazing!

btw, Panasonic has always been very happy to answer questions I had even after the warranty had long expired!

This was a few years ago when I called to ask how to find something on the menu and hope the CS hasn’t changed since then…

Great phones, good price. For those use to the convenience of speed dial (think seniors). This phone DOES NOT have speed dial.

i did the same thing

So with a keypad on the base set, I’m assuming you can make calls from the base? Many times we have 4 phones all with dead batteries and no way to answer the phone. If the base set operated as a phone this would allow us to answer when all the other head sets have dead batteries. Is this correct?

I got thie earlier model with exact features. The only difference is that mine uses battery pack instead of standard AAAs. I had to replace my one if my battery packs for about 15.00 at a local store. Other than that it has been excellent. Another good point is that tose are easy to disassemble for internal cleaning. After several months of use all brande begins to fail when you press the numbers or the TALK button. This is mostly due to dirt and grease accumultion on the button contacts. Open it and clean it with an alcochol swab and there are as good as new again(This voids any warranty). Great reception, durable, easy to use. At this price range, Panasonic phones are way more reliable than V-tech, Uniden, Sony, etc, etc. I have used all those and this have been the best so far. There are better but cost way more. I hope this can help.