Panasonic 4-Handset w/Link-to-Cell

**Item: **Panasonic 4-Handset w/Link-to-Cell
Price: $49.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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Usually the specs indicate the voltage someplace, but I don’t see that here (or with the lengthy specs, somehow missed it). Can someone tell me if this is 110-240 Voltage? Live in a country with 240, but I could have it sent to my sister in US if this doesn’t require a converter (just an adapter for the plugs).

YAY!!! This one has bluetooth AND a headset jack!!!

I have waited a LONG time to see this come up.

I could really use a two-line phone. (hint, hint!)

We don’t have a land line at all, but it makes me crazy when hubs is home and doesn’t hear his phone and is basically unreachable. Can this system be used to basically multiply cell phones, even if there’s no land-line service coming to it?

Yes. You can use these Link2Cell landline cordless phones as cell phone clones around the house. Pair this system with your cell phone, if it has Bluetooth. Now, each of these handsets of this system will use the cellphone to make call. I think this system indicates you can pair up to 2 cell phones with it. I don’t know how that works if both cell phones are within range of the Panasonic.

I’ve heard of people using Link2Cell to connect home security systems to a cell phone, when no landline is live any more.

Bought this last time it was offered. I like it a lot and would buy again. Great price too. Small downside is that I notice when you connect to a cell and you talk on the handset to talk through the cell, there’s cackling.

In for one. Was on the fence last time this was up and never pulled the trigger, so glad it is showing up again.
Wife and I are ready to drop the old landline phone service, but don’t want to be tethered to carrying the cell around the house with us. This should work perfectly.
Fingers crossed that the functionality is good enough to satisfy the Mrs.

I bought one of these when it was offered last month. I gave the older model 2 handset link-to-cell I had been using when I bought this to my girlfriend. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that my old HTC Evo 3D which worked fine on the older Panasonic link-to-cell would not pair with this model. I have since upgraded to an iPhone 5 and that works fine. Looks like not all cell phones work with this. I think there is a list of compatible models on the Panasonic website. One problem with cellphones is you cannot always hear it ringing throughout the house and the signal may be stronger in different areas. With this package, you can deploy the handsets throughout the house and hear incoming cell calls throughout. You can also use this with a land line or cable or dsl setup. It has a headphone jack but I have never used it. You can make outgoing cell phone calls as well as in. I have not used the outgoing feature but the incoming works fine. It can be paired with two bluetooth devices such as a cell phone and bluetooth headset. I have not tried using two bluetooth devices at once. The base has an answering machine which works well. I was disappointed when my old HTC cell did not work with this but am satisfied with it now that I have changed phones. I certainly would buy it again. At this price, it is a good buy even if you do not use the link-to cell or other features.

so umm maybe you should buy a few of these then… hint hint

I didn’t see this info anywhere. Do the handsets have a speakerphone?

In the specs -

Speakerphone volume: 7-step. Sounds like they must.

does this have the mobile phone text alert that seems to be on the newer models?

What you can do is like what I’ve got,I use that magic jack for my landline phone. It is only 30.00 ayear. And you can use it with any phone. And works with your high speed netz connection.

According to Manual it is 120VAC only

But it is just a wall wort so you could get a 240Vac wall wort with applicable output in VDC (be sure to also match the maVDC output)

If used without Link2Cell, does each handset extension require a physical connection to a phone jack, or does just the base unit require connection to a phone jack?

I’ve searched and can’t find that answer anywhere on the Internet.