Panasonic 4-Handset w/Link-to-Cell

**Item: **Panasonic 4-Handset w/Link-to-Cell
Price: $49.99
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I don’t have this exact model, but the seven other Panasonic cordless phone sets I have bought all end up with a strange problem where they will just terminate the call, blank the screen, and act like they are “rebooting”. ALL of them. Too bad, because the features are nice, and they work great until that problem starts up.

FWIW, the current models that I am about ready to throw out are KX-TGA931T

Got these last time around (a month ago). Replaced a Panasonic system that was about 6 years old, as I was tired of diving for my purse when my cell phone rang. Display is large and clear; the lighted keys are big like those grandma remotes. I found it easy to pair, and it works just like it does in cars with bluetooth. The phone tells you if an incoming call is from a cell, as does the phone log. There’s a hot key to generate a call using your cell number on the handset. Easy to import cellphone’s phonebook. Pleasant and distinctive ringtones that you can set not to ring at night. Base connects all handsets to the landline, just like regular cordless systems, but you don’t need to have a landline to use this. 2 cellphones can be linked, but only one line can be used by the system at a time. Base and all handsets have speakerphone function. The only two drawbacks - 1. My old phones scrolled all numbers called by just hitting the scroll down button. On these, you have to hit it to the left, then scroll down to see the caller list.
2. The system notifies you in several different ways (text on the handset screen, light-up indicator on each handset, LCD message counter on the base) when you have a message, whether it came in on landline or cell, but it doesn’t notify you of an incoming text message. Panasonic’s newest models have this function, but with this system you’d have to check on the actual cellphone. Otherwise, very pleased with this phone system; will be prepared when my Triple Play jumps up in price next year and am ready to cut the landline (or get a 2nd cell line) if need be…

Mine did that when the batteries were starting to go…

Amazon users called this at 4.5 Stars

I’m very pleased with my almost identical purchase about two months ago. A solid phone system I use with Ooma. I do wish, however, that I could figure out at permanent way to eliminate the base unit’s attempts to connect with my Bluetooth earphone. I had originally hoped it would pair with any of the phone extensions. Not so, it only pairs with the base unit which isn’t what I need. Now every time I turn on my earphone it connects with the base unit but I really only want it to connect with my cell phone. Any suggestions? Regardless, this is a wonderful phone system which performs solidly in all other respects.

I bought this on Woot about a month ago. Was very pleased with the specs but not so pleased with the functionality.

Reception when linked to cell is pretty lousy, even when the cell (Verizon Galaxy SIII) is right next to the base. I can hear the other person just fine, but they say I sound tinny and echoey when I talk. Anybody else having that problem?

Not in the specs but appears to be 120v only on the wall “wart” AC adapters. It is in the manual @ Panasonic linked to above. According to the manual the AC wall warts are this model and the pic. shows 120v input not 110-240v would need a few of these or since it’s 5.5v .5amp i suppose I could hack a few usb cables to the base jacks and use up some of the various spare cell phone charging blocks I have lying around gathering dust in a drawer.

Just grabbed another model (KX-TG6645) for use w/ Ooma as well, along with the range extender. So far, very impressed with the features, functions, range and call quality.
The talking caller ID chick on these phones is hilarious!

I bought this same system about a month ago and just love it!

How are these with hearing aids? I am reading reviews but thought I should ask in case anyone could help advise for one with older parents.

Do you have to have home phone service for the link to cell feature to work? Thank you so much!!!

Bought this set back in May when we were preparing to dump our landline service in favor of a VoIP solution. The big selling point for us was the ability to link with a cell phone via Bluetooth. Because we couldn’t port our home number to Google Voice (porting not yet available in our area) but didn’t want to give up the number altogether and miss important calls, we ended up porting it to a prepaid cell using an older cell phone that now sits next to the base station 24/7. We use VoIP (with an OBi202 unit that is AWESOME) with a new Google Voice number for our main home phone, but if someone calls our old number we don’t have to scramble to find the cell phone – it just rings on the four handsets just like any other call.

As for the Panasonic stuff itself, the great reviews elsewhere say it all. We’re really happy with the quality and features; it was a great purchase for us.

No. You could use it just with the cell.

There isn’t much else for me to add to jpsyche’s post other than “what he said”. I got these the last time Woot offered them. I love them. Because I have 4 handsets, I am never running around looking for where that ringing phone is. And I don’t have to run to my cell phone which is on the charger when it is ringing. Worth every penny of the 50 bucks I spent on them.

I have this same problem. The other end says they can’t understand me because I sound muffled when using a handset to answer a cell phone call.

I use the Bluetooth on my tablet to connect to a wireless Bluetooth speaker. Will this interfere with the cell phone or phone system connection?.. or will the cell phone bluetooth interfere with my speaker?