Panasonic 4-Handset w/Link-to-Cell

**Item: **Panasonic 4-Handset w/Link-to-Cell
Price: $49.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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bought these on a previous sale. love them. good clarity. bluetooth-link to cell works good. good range. great phones for cheap.

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Are these worth buying just for the feature of linking with our cell phones? We don’t have a land line in our house.

when is the newer model going to come to woot? that has the ability to block much more numbers, which is what I need with the constant robocalls using phony numbers.

Check out this interaction between @landsnark and @tscottme from a previous sale

(The answer is yes)

That is why I just bought one. I cut the cord with AT&T, but I like the idea of having extensions around the house so that I don’t need to carry a cell with me everywhere.

Good idea. We don’t use it for that feature at this point but do use it for the landline. Lots of features and a huge phonebook. Extremely happy with it.

I get that these can be linked to a cell phone. But can they be used for a land line? Cell phone reception varies too much in my house to go to cell phone only operation. Can they be used for cell phone and landline simultaneously?

Per the manual, yes, you can have them both connected simultaneously. When answering/making calls you have to press different keys for landline vs cell phone.

People still intentionally have landlines?

own the 2 handset version, and bought because my cellphone has such poor home reception. by just hitting the bluetooth button on my cellphone when I get home, I can now have complete calls using this handset. seems to work fine for that.

Upon further reading it appears you can use both lines for calls simultaneously, e.g. if you’re on the landline and get a cell phone call you can put the landline on hold and answer the cell phone. Or, if you’re on the cell phone and want to call someone else on the landline you can put that cell phone on hold and make another call on the landline.

You cannot, however, connect the landline and the cell phone to do three way calling.

I won’t lie, we still have the same landline we had when I was a little kid. I took the landline with me when my parents sold the old house and I bought a condo. Still on DSL because FIOS hasn’t gone up yet (they just laid the wiring a month or two ago) and I don’t want to get bundled with cable. It’s generally the number I give out when I fill out forms and I screen all my calls so I don’t have to talk to spammers/telemarketers and my cell phone isn’t ringing all the time.

Anyone know if I can use the three handsets as extra handsets for the 4-unit Panasonic KX-TG7731 I’m currently using?

Yeah. Part of it is old habits die hard. I know that doesn’t make any sense if you’re younger than 30. But it is nice to have a phone number that you can give out to anybody and never have to answer. Sure you can do that with cellular but by the time you pay the additional line charges the cost is about the same.
If you have an old telephone with a cord, it will still work even if the power is out. So sometimes POTS can be a backup for emergencies.

Or people that work at home. Cheaper to have a VOIP line than pay for thousands of cell minutes when I can often be on a conference call for 3 hours or more a day.