Panasonic 4-Handset w/Link-to-Cell

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Does anyone use Link-to-Cell on a daily basis? Is it annoying to use at all?

For example, if I am on the cell phone when I walk into the house, does the bluetooth connect (I leave my bluetooth on) to the phone and causing the call to be transferred?

I have a similar Panasonic set and I use the Link-to-Cell always. I don’t have a landline any longer, only have my cell, so when I’m home, I use the Panasonic cordless phones. As soon as I walk in the door (actually as I’m walking down the hallway to my apartment), the Bluetooth connection pairs to my cell. It is all automatic, I don’t have to initiate it once the first pairing is done. My incoming/outgoing calls are all directed to my cell, which can sit on my desk in its charging dock while I’m home. The Panasonic cordless phones make the life of cellphone-only living great.

Bought the same or similar system from woot a couple months back. It’s good, no problems so far. Don’t use “Link to Cell” did use bluetooth phonebook transfer from my cell phone- leaves a bit to be desired- a number of numbers came in with no name and no real way to address multiple numbers for 1 contact. Just get the same name repeated in the phonebook and no indication if home/work/cell/etc…

I bought this last go around. It seems that one random handset will periodically lose its charge. The problem seems to not be specific to a single handset or charger. I am thinking reconditioned means it received fresh packaging. Link to cell works OK for receiving calls via my iPhone5. It reliably connects and reconnects when in range of the base. Up to two Bluetooth devices can be registered, but only one (i.e. a cell phone and a headset)can be connected at a time.

I bought these the first time around… I’m happy w/ the purchase. They work great!

I also bought these last time they were offered and like them. The three extra handset bases are small and fit almost anywhere, not like the clunky ugly ones I have had in the past.

I also like the digital read out on the handset, date time etc. It is large print so you can see the read out across the room

We have a different Panasonic set that can save an incoming number that has/could annoy you and dismiss it after a single ring. Since donotcall is a joke, this is nice. No auto warranty, insurance,or fake charities anymore.We seem to have dropped off the lists as we now go days without a spam call. Panasonic KX-TG4773 with Call Block.

User manual

I got these phone many months ago on another Woot deal. I love them! The link-to-cell works great. No more running across the house to answer my cell on the charger.

How about the specific concern addressed by the asker - does it switch from cell to handset when you enter your house, or can you stay on your cell if you’re in the middle of a call?

Would two sets of these phones work together in one household?
Thank you.

If I have a separate phone number for this phone, can I set it to forward incoming calls to my cell phone if I’m not home?

I may not have been clear enough in my original post. I was wondering more if you are on the phone and walk in the range of the bluetooth.

Bought these on a Woot several months ago. Only annoying thing is that occasionally you’ll pick up a handset to dial, hit the “Talk” button and the screen will be completely blank, like it’s all discharged. However, placing the phone back in the charging cradle for a second or two, and then removing it fixes the problem.

We bought the style before these and yes we still have a landline. It makes sense in triple play Verizon Fios. You can also hook your cell into it so this is a no brainer at a great price. I bought another for a gift or could add 3 more handsets in the home when 1 handset costs this much.

Shocked they aren’t sold out yet, usually they are at this hour.

I’ve been looking and looking for a multi-handset option with headset jacks, and it looks like these do have the jacks to plug in my headset. (I use it for lengthy phone conferences, which I have at least twice a month.) I noticed though that one of the Amazon reviewers mentioned poor sound clarity on calls – can anyone here comment on that?