Panasonic 4-Handset w/Link-to-Cell

Panasonic 4-Handset w/Link-to-Cell
Price: $49.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard* or $9 Two-Day or *$12 One-Day
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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Panasonic 4-Handset w/Link-to-Cell
Price: $49.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Holy Spec Overload Batman! Are there really 72 different specific things we need to know about this phone?

Remember when phones were just black with a number dial on the front and there were no specs for it?

I am about 99% positive that this is the set I bought here on woot a few months back…as mine is a Panasonic 4 handset with link to cell & looks the same.

Anyway - here are my complaints…
I like to carry one around with me & have always in the past used the phone as a way to check the time. If by chance I have any new messages, it will not display time, yet idiotically still displays the date. This is highly annoying to me as I may not want to check my messages right now, but I seldom want to check date in comparison to TIME, which might tell me if I have TIME to listen to the messages now or check them later…

It also does the same thing periodically saying I have a voicemail message…as in the display just says that. However, I do not have VM at all…and when I try to “access VM” it tells me I have to contact the manufacturer or some crap…and I cant’ clear my display & I KNOW I have no message…later that display goes away & it returns to display time & date, but I have found no way to make it clear out & no rhyme or reason from when it shows up or when it clears up.

It has the ability to “block calls” apparently although I am not sure WTF that feature is for. Now, instead of announcing who IS calling, it announces “blocked call” WHILE it is ringing. The only thing it seems to do is maybe not allow them to leave a message & I am not even sure if that is true or not. I block stuff like prerecorded offers, etc, so those often don’t leave a message whether blocked or not. I thought (wrongly) that blocking these numbers would stop them from ringing through…guess not. I define blocking a call differently than Panasonic does I guess.

ALL IN ALL though - it is a decent phone I guess for the woot price. I’d be unhappy had I paid full price though. I have had better & had plenty worse (although I have always returned those). Intercom works easily, the calls seem clear, they hold a charge well so far, they stand up to a lot of abuse (I have kids & they have survived the stairs several times & lots of other drops & scuffs). They are a tad heavy IMO also. They do take a headset jack though, which was my deciding factor as that isn’t easy to find in sets these days.

Would I buy them again, yes & STILL be annoyed by the things i mentioned…LOL What can I say, I am cheap & I am fairly certain I’d have to pay much more to get 4 handsets I like that don’t have these annoying features.

What’s the model number of this phone? Didn’t see that info in the specs.



Own it and luv it! It stores up to 4000 phone no. with names. You can block no.s through the phone itself. That’s 2 of 72. :smiley: It can also be used for your cell phone and a landline or either, take your choice,use both. Yes. Some of us do have digital, fiber optic landlines without copper. When it’s included in your Internet Service Provider’s package, it’s ridiculous not to accept it. We use the landline as much as our cell-phones. $50 is a steal for this set up. If you have it already I would think you can add the 3 for additional phone to make a total of 7. Try to buy them separately, $50 a piece.

whoa, 36 reviews across 3 sites. That’s helpful. If that is statistically valid sample, I’m out.

I used to get phantom VM on the phone too. On my set (Uniden), you go into Settings, then Global Settings and look for VMWI Reset. You might look for that on your set.

Thanks, not sure if it makes a difference but your amazon link is the previously offered model. Here is the link to this model: Amazon

Can some one give me a real life scenario of how this links to your Cell phone, like an example of it?

We currently have 3 cell phones and one carrier.

Just curious.

Doesn’t mean it links your 3 cell phones together. I could be wrong but I think it means you can use your cell phone in your house to dial using your land line number. Then if you get on a long call with your mom about something interesting to her, you can leave the house and it will jump over to cell carrier without dropping your call. I don’t have one of these but that is my understanding of how you would use it. If you are limited on minutes with your cell plan, there is probably a way to use this to use fewer minutes while you are at home.

All the review links above are valid. Two models are actually being offered here, the KX-TG254SK (silver) and the KX-TG294SK (grey).

To ehiney (seriously, what’s that name?), this will connect to your cell like any other Bluetooth device to allow you to use a handset vs. your cell.

Main benefits here… rechargeable AAA batteries in the handsets (cheap to replace), headset plug (hard to find these days), and the cell Bluetooth. I’m in for one…

Has anyone actually combined sets?

Bought this last woot and they work well for me. You cant let your cell get too far from the base or call quality suffers. A few other small annoyances, but I like it overall.

I have kinda been in the market for a new home phone and I have been watching a Panasonic at RadioShack, waiting for it to go on sale. Basically all I need is a cordless phone with an answering system. Right now, I have a vtech phone. I have two major annoyances with it. It lets you store names/numbers in it for speed dialing or whatever. However, when those numbers call me, I want it to display a name that I have assigned to the number. My vtech will not. I DO pay for caller ID, so the phone definitely sees the number calling in. Secondly, I can hit the CID (Caller ID) button and scroll through a history of calls. However, I am unable to select one of these numbers and call it back. I have to display who just called, write it down with pencil and paper, the dial it for it to call that number. That’s messed up. Would this Panasonic take care of those issues?

Do you need a landline for these to work, or can you just set it up as a bluetooth accessory for your cellphone?

No landline needed to work with your cellphone.

Is the Vtech really old? We have a few year old cheapie Vtech set and you can call back from CID list, even use the # or * (can’t recall ATM) to scroll through add/remove the “1” and/or area code before the CID #. Don’t use the presets on them so can’t tell you what our set does for that.