Panasonic 5.1CH HTS w/ 3D Blu-ray Player



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Panasonic 5.1CH HTS w/ 3D Blu-ray Player
$179.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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SmartPost can’t get it to me for Christmas?


Nice reminder that this is too late for Christmas


Anyone know anything about it?


I know it’s $20 cheaper than it was here


Well, reviews are here, 3rd party on amazon has it for $400 new, and $319 refurb.


I have one and it works well. Most people enjoy it but I am hard of hearing thus I use headphones on my TV.


What are you going to do with just one HDMI output? No cable viewing or wii playing through this?


Run all that stuff through your TV before going through the system.


I read 10 review and all were four stars… even if it’s crap it only cost $185.


Looks like you would be limited to using the optical input. Can I assume that will provide the 5.1 I’m looking for?


Yes, optical is a digital input/output and we use it with our TV to get 5.1 into our system. It’s like HDMI, only with lasers. It’s decidedly cooler.


I know it is much cheaper than Walmart and Amazon.
Good ratings.


I just listened to the Ultimate-Fail from ozzy through them. Then I heard Woot 0ff killer from megadeath, they both sounded loud and clear.


Rear speakers are wired.


I produce such quality posts, yet still no job offer from AMAZON/WOOT.

I’m disheartened. That post was perfect for use in the write-up. We don’t want to see any of these posts on this!!! it works perfect. I think there is a severe lack of vision at AMAZON/WOOT…


package includes wireless rear speakers?