Panasonic 5.1CH HTS w/ 3D Blu-ray Player



Thoughts? Reviews? Let’s hear what you have to say!


assuming this is the same (BB is 195 vs 196) if you have it in stock at a bestbuy nearby its $199 new


Will these speakers work with my TV also? Or they are only to play thru the Blue ray?


Our family just hooked up this system that we bought on Nov.2nd of last year. The tall speakers will unbolt and you can make them lay anywhere that you wish near your t.v. It was an easy unbolt and toss of the tower stands that we did not need. We had to order two extra cables to help set up the system. I can’t tell you what for but Radio Shack will or can provide them. The college aged kids set it all up and it sounds great with the attachments. We were pleased and we also paid the exact same price that is listed above and it made our new 60 in. Panasonic Plasma t.v. more enjoyable for our entire family. Great purchase. I can’t speak to what was missing. I am 50 and i left it to the next generation to install!!! Nice to have the new sound for our den.


There’s audio-in on these speakers (AUX and Digital) so it will work. All you’ll need to do is hook up the the optical out on your TV with the optical in on the bluray player / receiver.


Hi, Could you please advise me if the Panasonic 5.1 CH HTS w/3D Player, will work ok in New Zealand?? I know the plug is different but that can be rectified here to our 2 or 3 Pin Plug. Thanks for your advice.


What about if I’d like to use this as combination computer speakers and DVD player to my monitor (which is an HDTV).
My computer has an SPDIF out port (which I think is what ‘optical’ is).


My guess is no. NZ is 230 volt and the US is 120V. You would need a step down transformer which can be rather expensive especially if used for an item like this.

The other problem is Woot does not ship these types of items abroad. They only ship T shirts. I know this because I live abroad. I get my stuff from my parents in the US after ordering through Woot.


Do I need an a/v receiver for this? Like the one on the Woot main page today?


Where does the 1000 watts come from? Does this require an amp?


“THIS definitely won’t be outdated the second you buy it.”

NO HDMI input… already outdated!!




nope. I have this (got it at best buy a couple days ago) and it is a full working unit. add a cable/satellite box, plug that into the bluray using the optical cable, plug the HDMI to ta Tv, plug in the speakers and enjoy.

plug in power
plug in speakers
plug in HDMI to TV
plug in optical to sat/cable box
switch to d-in (input from cable/sat box)


Invest in a time machine, and go back a few weeks to the wootoff, it was $20 cheaper.


It’s kind of outdated. The speakers hook up WITH WIRES. Yuck.
It also doesn’t have Bluetooth, so you can’t hook your phone up to it (unless you use the USB cable. haha. more wires.). And “wi-fi” ready, but needs an adapter? Wi-Fi for what? Updates? It doesn’t have “apps” like Netflix … either. So you need something ELSE to do that. More wires to and from.


Just a heads up warning, here, folks.

Full disclosure - I do not own this speaker set or any other HTiaB set. I have two surround sound systems (one in the living room and the other in the bedroom), both are set up so all components run into an A/V receiver which then processes the signal and sends it out to the TV and the speakers.

If you set your A/V system up so that you run HDMI cables into your TV and then run an Optical cable from your TV’s Digital Audio Out port to your amplifier, you will most likely only get a Stereo PCM signal. You may be able to force your amplifier into a Dolby Pro Logic setting, but any automatic signal detection by your amplifier will just go to Stereo mode, and you’ll only get sound from the two main speakers and the subwoofer. Your center channel speaker and the two surrounds will be silent.

This is due to an HDMI hand-shake issue inherent to the HDMI standard. HDMI can automatically sense what is the best audio signal that the output device can handle is. If you send the signal from the source device (the BluRay) directly to the TV, unless you have a newer, higher end TV, the HDMI will sense that your TV only has two speakers and can only output stereo sound, so that’s what it sends. Since the TV is only getting a stereo sound signal coming in, it can only send a stereo sound signal out of its Digital Audio Out port to the amplifier. Since your amplifier is only being given a Stereo signal, that’s all you’re going to hear coming out of your speakers - sound from the two mains and the subwoofer.

If you want to fully use all the speakers in your surround system ( and not just the two mains), you’ll need to hook your devices (BluRay, Cable box, TiVo, Xbox, Apple TV, Roku, Boxee Box, etc) directly into your amplifier.

edit: From SCARRMRCC’s post above, it looks like the BluRay is acting as your A/V receiver/amplifier in this set. So, like s/he said, you’ll want to plug your speakers and other devices directly into the BluRay, and not into your TV.


Compared to a “real” audio receiver the power output is TRASH. 10% THD (distortion) compares poorly with under 1% for anything halfway decent.

Total Power Output:
(1 kHz, 10% THD)


This unit does host many apps such as Netflix at no extra cost (other than the Netflix fee). There is actually a Netflix button on the remote control that will take you directly there. I have my unit plugged directly into my router, and the ease of use for the apps is incredible. One button and you have access to Netflix, Pandora, Youtube, Vudu, Skype and many other apps. I was a little skeptical about this unit when I purchased from woot just before Christmas, but I am very, very satisfied.


I feel like the technology train has left my station a long time ago, so sorry if I sound silly asking this question. But reading about all the discs it supports, does this mean you can play regular plain ole movie DVD’s I have in addition to blue-ray dvd’s? My main hesitancy in getting a new system has always been not wanting to replace my dvd movie collection.