Panasonic 5.1CH HTS w/ 3D Blu-ray Player;jsessionid=F970E92391C3884EBDFB792E6373CE46.bbolsp-app03-09?id=1218541220945&skuId=4841397&st=Panasonic%20SC-BTT196B%205.1CH%20Home%20Theater%20System%20with%203D%20Blu-ray%20Player&cp=1&lp=1

Here’s what Bestbuy says…

I’m not sure what the difference is but that’s the SC-BTT1995. We’re selling the SC-BTT196B.

How about this one? Helpful?

So just for clarification, is the SCBTT96B the same as the SCBTT96? Seems that way. If so here is the user manual.

After looking around a bit at some reviews and prices… this seems like a pretty good deal if your not a super picky audiophile. I just bought a new 3D LG TV last week that needs a sound boost and I need a 3D Bluray player anyways… in for one

I purchased the one sale on Bestbuy during the Christmas for $200. First, it is pretty easy to set up. It has a pretty solid sound quality and decent video quality. You can watch movies through your USB which is a great feature. I live in a small apartment and Subwoofer easily shakes my floor. However, I returned to product to purchase a sound bar (still working on it :slight_smile: )
The issues I had

  1. Too many cables (it may not be a problem for you)
  2. You will need to purchase an adapter for wireless connectivity.
  3. Internet connectivity was pretty slow especially for YouTube(Except netflix. It was pretty fast)
  4. Only 1 HDMI!!!

One HDMI is a dealbreaker for me. If you have xbox, wii, apple tv etc you will have to plug them into your tv and then do audio out to receiver.

…not the best way to do things.

That is a dealbreaker for me too. Too bad.

I know the one HDMI thing kind of stinks. But how does panasonic stack up compared to other blu ray players? Does anyone know how durable / what kinda quality we are looking at? Ive been waiting for a 3D player to come up…

The hdmi thing is definitely a drawback but there are ways around that:

This seems to be a good deal to me, my 2 cents

Woot, User manual does not mention the length of the speaker wires included. Which is a concern. Can you enlighten us on this?


It looks like SC-BTT196 supports HDMI ARC (audio return channel). I don’t know about SC-BTT196B, though.

That would mean you only need one HDMI port, though your TV would also need to support it.

I’m confused, I only see HDMI output, the only input I see is Optical. Am I missing something?

Does anyone know if the player supports .avi files?

From the looks of it, the HDMI out is probably for the bluray player. You’d probably hook other devices to your tv then use the optical out from the tv into the optical in of the bluray player if you want to hear other devices through the system.

That’s the only thing I can think of based on the pictures shown here.

You can always split wires!

Well…yea. But thats more work. The whole idea of home entertainment systems is to be as lazy as possible…

Yep, that would be the case. Your components(satellite/cable, xbox/ps3, roku, whatever…) would all plug into your tv. You would run an optical wire from the tv into the blu-ray (its both the disk player and receiver). Whatever active input the tv is showing, would push the audio to the blu-ray which would come out the speakers. The single HDMI is for the blu-ray out to the tv.

I had a similar setup in the past and it worked well. For the money this is a good middle point between tv speakers only, and a full receiver/stand alone speakers setup…especially if you don’t currently have a blu-ray player.