Panasonic 6.0 3-Handset Phone

Here is the Owner’s Manual

Mixed reviews, 3.5 average on both Amazon and Panasonic’s website.

Another phone with no headset jack. At least it is listed in the specs.

Boo. Speakerphone is not a substitute for long conference calls! Boo I say!

Is it compatible with TGA401?

I have a similar set (that looks just like this) and my phones DO have a headset jack. Even though the description for this one says no headset jack, they come with the clip attachment - why? I doubt speakerphone would work very well if I clipped the phone to my waistband…

Very perplexing, indeed.

can I add handsets from other brands of phones to this unit?

Or can I buy 2 of these phones and make all 6 handsets contact a central base?

69.99 NEW over at amazon The Reviews are all across the board:






Bad reviews were because it didn’t come with a headset like amazon promised (not the products fault) and because numbers smeared off the phone in weeks, no speed dial, small screen, bad battery life.

Pretty much, you get what you pay for on this system.

Most of the reviews came from people that paid at least 60 dollars for this, maybe you’ll be happy with it at 30, and maybe since these are refurbs, the issue with the numbers rubbing off is fixed.

Thats some very wishful thinking on my part though.

With the Uniden sale going on I was thinking “Gee, I could really use a Panasonic DECT 6.0 Plus with 3 handsets sale right now” (no really, I’m not kidding, this is exactly what I want) and I was very excited to see this. BUT reading the reviews on Amazon I’m a little worried as the button labels appear to wear off very easily and the champagne color isn’t so great anyway. Plus several reviewers commented negatively on the sound quality.

I’m torn, as I really like Panasonic phones and have bought four series (two for our own use, one for my parents, and one for my in-laws). All have been that charcoal grey color which seems to last for years. I also use the speakerphone a lot for conference calls so the sound has to be good.

Decisions decisions…

I’m a gadget guy and a computer nerd so I love seeing what shows up on tech.woot every day. But, uh, I think this one belongs in, which maybe this is a test launch for?

I don’t know, oh, wait - it has caller ID. My bad, this is totally technology. Now if I could just figure out where a phone jack is around here… and anyone have recommendations on a good land-line service? :stuck_out_tongue:

And to think I just got my grandparents a new 2 handset set off Amazon. Then again they don’t really need 3 and it was a brand new set…

Oh well.

Have you ever heard of VoIP? Many people have VoIP systems at home, and cordless phones work well with VoIP hardware.

lol. we had voip…5 or 6 years ago. the only person i know left who has a landline is 1 grandmother, and that only because shes so far out in the boonies that she doesn’t get cell or broadband service.

Seriously tech woot. fail. home or vanilla woot maybe, but i have higher expectations of you. (mostly they’ve been disappointed since launch, but i keep hoping)

I see it only comes with one telephone wire… does only the base one need to be plugged into the phone jack? or must you provide your own wire(s) for any other one(s) you wish to add?

Only the main base needs to be wired, the rest are wireless off the base. Not this brand, but I have a handset in my barn that reads off the main base.

Here’s a link to Panasonic’s site regarding this item. It’ll give you an Overview, Tech Specs, Reviews, FAQs, Accessories, Owner’s Manual and Warranty/Care links:

The only thing I don’t like about this set is that you can’t “Call Block” calls from your Caller ID. I can get around that from blocking them at my ISP website voice features, though.

As stated above, there are mixed reviews about this set, but hey, at thirty bucks? I’m IN!

As usual, whenever there’s a phone on sale there go the comments on why people would ever have a landline.

Well, folks, there’s two good reasons.

First, lots of people are live in areas where there’s no mobile phone coverage.

Second, lots of people call people internationally. Our Vonage home phone gives us free calls to the UK. If I tried that with my VZ mobile phone I’d be paying hundreds of dollars a month in long distance charges.

Just saying.

We’re using Panasonic wireless phones at home. I love the caller blocking feature - one ring and they’re gone.

I have a 3rd reason…Not every area offers Enhanced 911 service, and if you have any kind of health issues, small children or paranoia it’s nice to have a landline with reliable 911.

That said, this deal doesn’t sound that great based on user reviews.

I already have 3 handsets from woot last time with different brand:

If I bought other 3, can they intercom each other?

I have another model Panasonic DECT 6.0 plus phone. Can I use the 2 remote handsets from this unit with my existing set-up?