Panasonic Battery Pack - 32AA/16AAA/2-9V

**Item: **Panasonic Battery Pack - 32AA/16AAA/2-9V
Price: $9.99
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Condition: New

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“Alkalineplus batteries provide long-lasting performance in everyday devices such as…pagers”

People still use those?

I bought these a couple of sales ago and glad I did. I never realized how many batteries I actually use.

Some good reviews (for what they are worth) on the AA at DollarTree

What is the best by date on these?

According to the Features tab on the item page, it looks like they’re best if used by 2018.

Hope this helps!

what’s a “portable cd player”?

Way back in the days of yore that is what I would use with a ‘cassette tape adapter’ to feed ‘jammin tunes’ through the car stereo to impress the ‘babes’ and have a ‘rockin’ mode of transportation. Of course that was before skip protection so it had to be set in a custom cut piece of foam rubber in order to play while driving. But was perfect for the partying back in the woods or down at the lake.
Wow, you sure have made college days seem like a long time ago, hope that this was helpful youngster.
Peace out man it’s time for some memories of following the Dead while on summer break.

These are Alkaline so they should be at least decent. In for 2… Always good to have these around especially with all the smaller LED flashlights these days that take AAs.

I really really really hope that one day WOOT will have a deal on Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batteries. They are the GOOD rechargeable batteries, unlike the ones that they typically sell at your local retailer. The eneloops can sit on a shelf for over a year and still retain like 80-90% of their charge. Combine those batteries with a good charger like a LaCrosse BC-1000 and you’re good to go on batteries for a few years.

That being said, I’m in for a couple of these packs, since I have lots of cheap electronics and even a few cheap flashlights I could use these in. However, I would never use any alkaline battery in any GOOD equipment that I have (yes, I have a $70 flashlight that is smaller than a tube of chapstick!).

Anybody know how this compares to prices at the warehouse stores?

Woot has had the Sanyo batteries several times in the past but the price they were asking was not really a deal.

Last batch of Panasonic AA and AAA batteries I bought on Woot were the whimpiest excuses for batteries I’ve ever seen. I can’t use them in any device that requires much power.

I like Woot, and usually am happy with the what I get, but the quality assurance folks (if there are any) were asleep at the wheel on this item.

Never again.

I’ve actually had very good luck w/ these batteries. Got them from Woot a time or 2 ago. I’m out of the AAA’s. Those go in my headlamp, which is good for night gardening.

Six of the twelve batteries that came with the Westinghouse Flameless Candle Lanterns that I bought here a couple of weeks ago lasted only 1 week. 3 were doa. I wouldn’t buy batteries on woot. If they wanted to send me 6 of the triple a’s. I would try them though.

For comparison…Kirkland Signature
Alkaline AA Battery
48 ct
Item # 227380

Discman was the product name given to Sony’s first portable CD player, the D-5/D-50, which was the first on the market in 1984,[1] and adopted for Sony’s entire portable CD player line. In Japan, all Discman products are referred to as “CD Walkman” and the name was adopted worldwide in 2000 along with a redesigned “Walkman” logo.

not a deal at all …

Show me a better deal then