Panasonic Blu-Ray 5.1 Home Theater System with True Cinema Surround

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Panasonic Blu-Ray 5.1 Home Theater System with True Cinema Surround
$249.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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speakers crackle if played very loud

That subwoofer is diminutive. Weak, shallow bass is never fun.

I have the Panasonic SC-BT230 5.1 system for my computer room, and I have to say they produce amazing sound for the price.

The 5.1 is enough for gaming/console stuff IMO.

Seems Like A Great Deal… Im Buying One 329 on amazon

Yikes! That is taller than me when I was 8 years old. Just about as skinny, as well.

I, however, could not project my voice so well.

Unfortunately, these Home Theater in a Box type systems never work as receivers.

Here’s some reviews along with the manual, if you so desire!

Just so I know…do these speakers work for all things connected to the TV or only when I’m watching the BluRay?

(i.e. when I’m playing my Wii or watching gasp VHS tapes will I still get to use the supposedly awesome sound system or does it revert to the TV speakers?)

amazon reviews are not favorable.
very glad i read them.

Wow, this thing looks way cheap.

Almost like ‘sold out the back of a van’ cheap.

Hold on, let me take 30 seconds to read for you… Eh, nvm, do it yourself, I feel lazy.

Audio Return Channel: Simple Connection with HDMI Cable. The New ARC feature allows receiving audio signals from the TV on top of the preexisting HDMI function of sending audio/video signals to the TV with just one cable. This will simplify the connection by eliminating an audio cable connection between the TV audio output and the main unit’s audio input.

In general, no. You need a receiver to route all your devices through and to output it to your tv and speakers. This has no inputs except audio(apparently)

edit: Guess you could through the return channel as another poster indicated. Not an optimal solution, imho, but works on a budget I guess.

I think I had a box of Cracker Jacks once that had a mini boombox for prize inside it. I’d have to say that it had better sound than this hunk of crap and it might of been wi-fi ready. Only problem I had was keeping it balanced on my shoulder next to my ear. Wind kept blowing it off.

Had this system for a short while. Anyone considering this purchase should keep in mind that “All in one/In a box” home theater systems are not perfect. They supply decent sound and should get the job done for most people, but they are not the best thing out there. That said, this system is HORRIBLE! Weak bass response, serious distortion at high volume levels, lack of features considering it’s internet connectivity, SLOW to load and play Blu-Rays (pop popcorn, eat it, and still be waiting for your movie to start kind of slow), and an all around poor build quality really make this quite an undesirable system at any price. (And this is quite a low price for this system.) I sent my Panasonic back and purchased a Sony BDV-E570. I am MUCH happier. This system will not satisfy even the most easy-going buyers. Do not buy!

This only works if your TV is capable of the ARC feature. Do your homework… Do not assume it will work!

Insert the “amazon has ruined woot” statement here…

You know… I’m just looking at this, and I can’t help but think “If this had been yesterday’s Woot, they could have rearranged them a bit to look like the entire WTC complex…”

Actually your TV and your HDMI cable have to be HDMI 1.4 compliant.

As for a second and/or third audio source, not to worry. This unit has two digital optical inputs that you could use instead of the ARC on a HDMI 1.4 setup. All you would need is an optical out on your TV and you should be good. Most do but I would double check to be sure. Avoid using the L/R RCA connections as you will be limited to only a stereo output. Only the ARC or optical connection will give you the full 5.1 surround sound.