Panasonic Blu-ray Player w/ Wi-Fi & Apps

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Panasonic Blu-ray Player w/ Wi-Fi & Apps
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Condition: Refurbished


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NewEgg Reviews

Is this player locked to a region or is it unlocked?

So-so reviews (2.3 out of 5.0) over at amazon

for anyone wondering this model does have cinavia with the latest firmware confirmed by the one i bought as a refurb not to long ago.

In the manual @lichme linked to, it states this is Region 1.

It is region 1 only. I have two of the DMP-210 which are higher end but the WiFi and loading have been good on those. Also no issues with either one in a few years. My issue is with buying electronic things that don’t have a full warranty. Also may or may not be important to have 3D capability. If I were to need to replace or add a BluRay player I would go for a higher end new unit and pay a bit more for things like multi-region play.

Anyone know if this has the Amazon Prime Streaming App?

We got one of these. Lasted a year tops. Now it acts up get locked up. Have to unplug it from the wall to reset it. Won’t make it through an entire movie.

was good up until then. It was used nightly in the bedroom to stream netflix and watch DVDs.

That’s a nope.

I want to buy this Blu-ray player! but!
I wonder it could change region…
I’m going to move to asia next month…could I use it at Asia?

You can use it in Asia, with the appropriate power adapter of course, but you couldn’t play movies from there, only North America.

ETA: DVD and Blu-Ray Regions are quite different. See this handy dandy map.

So, depending where you go in Asia, it looks like you may be able to play Blu-Rays from there, but not DVD’s. Hope this helps!

I bought each of my kids one of these and an LCD tv for x-mas and all the dvd players failed… and each one in different ways. I can see why there are so many of these available as refurbs, as they are TERRIBLE.
I won’t buy this brand ever again.

Why save a lot of trouble and just buy one in Asia with the right voltage etc? They can’t be that expensive!

My girlfriend had a Panasonic Blu-ray player. The quality control is seriously lacking. It crashed frequently, forcing her to unplug it to restart. The Internet connectivity was unreliable. We spent more time buffering Netflix movies than watching them.

Do NOT buy this device. Spend a bit more money and get a Sony. She and I both have one, and we have had no problems from either.

Because the ones in Asia, if they have a region code, have the possibility of not playing any of their current collection.

I swore off any Panasonic electronics back in VHS days, had a series of about 3 players that didn’t last a month…

Wouldn’t someone be capable of legally ripping the DVD and Blu-ray discs that they legally own to a usb drive and simply play the movie from there regardless of the region?