Panasonic Blu-Ray Player w/ Wi-Fi & Apps

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Panasonic Blu-Ray Player w/ Wi-Fi & Apps
Price: $34.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Ouch! Reviews on Amazon are not that great. :stuck_out_tongue:

App connect to Amazon Instant Video?

looks like a good deal… worried about the reviews though

This is why it is so cheap. They are trying to get rid of their garbage. When it breaks again you will just throw it away cause it is not cost effective to fix and it will be out of their inventory, permanently! You truly get what you pay for.

It looks like they do-

I have a bd65 and the support is not good. They broke DHCP with their last update and never bothered to fix it.

Not available! Serious hunk of junk!

I purchased the Philips Blu Ray + Wifi player a couple of months back and it was also only $35. I thought, how bad can a blu ray player really be? The answer is… BAD. There’s a reason the price is good.

Mine would simply stop DVD’s, the wifi connect barely ever worked (and when it did connect to netflix, it would just stop working after a few minutes) and the buttons didn’t even work half the time, e.g. you couldn’t open the actual DVD player because the button wouldn’t work.

This is a completely different player but my point is… don’t be fooled by the price. This thing probably sucks too. Woot did let me return mine, so it might be worth the risk, but it’s probably a POS.

WOW. This thing has some really really bad reviews! I had a Panasonic DVD player a few years ago and it was pretty bad also! I won’t buy Panasonic products they’re pretty buggy!

I remember when “National Panasonic” used to be a great brand for 2 in 1s. Used to love their stereo with 2 cassette decks that allowed high speed dubbing…
Now the only Panasonic product I look at is a cordless phone.

We have 2 Panasonic Blu-Ray players, different models, and haven’t had any issues with either. I can’t speak specifically to this model, but our experience has been positive. Both are at least a couple of years old. I also bought a Magnavox Blu-Ray off Woot for a similar price and it’s worked well too.

would be nice to see all the apps it comes with.

Thats what kept me from ordering one of these for my folks. I have a different Panasonic wi fi blu ray and it has been flawless

Hey all. With this and other new fangled electronics, make sure you look for firmware updates. This one has an update from 10/8/13:

Love the price, but dunno. The Amazon reviews are absolutely scathing. Ouch. Almost more 1 star reviews than 2-5 stars combined.

Imma toss in another ten bucks and get something else. Not worth the gamble to me.

I bought the “Panasonic SC-BTT196B 5.1CH Home Theater System with 3D Blu-ray Player” back in Jan '13 and it has done OK. Didn’t have Wi-Fi built in but with an adapter worked fine. Apps were mainly main stream but enjoyed till I replaced it with the Samsung to get Redbox Instant. Still works well in the guest room. For the price should do the basics.

DO NOT BUY THIS! I know it’s cheap ($), it’s also cheap in quality. I bought one for my gf for her birthday, and it was literally unusable and, frankly, a customer service train wreck to get returned and refunded.

In short, the remote literally refused to work. Like, imagine hitting a button 50 times before it registers with the Blu-ray. Worth. Less. Go spend $70+ and get one that you’ll enjoy using. This one isn’t it.

I thought this review was awesome
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2.0 out of 5 stars Do NOT buy this! Unless…you’re into that kinda thing I guess…Nope, January 4, 2014
By jack of all trades (TN USA) - See all my reviewsThis review is from: Panasonic DMP-BD871 2D Blu Ray DVD Player with Wi-Fi Streaming (Electronics)
Quite simply I do not recommend this Blu-Ray play for any reason whatsoever. Here’s why:

-Often freezes and will not respond to anything other then physically disconnecting power to the device
-Netflix & other streaming apps painfully slow to use. Takes several seconds to respond to button presses, especially when watching something
-Netflix app has a poor design compared to other products with the service
-Very limited selection of streaming services
-On-screen interface is terribly designed both in function and aesthetics.
-Compatible USB storage devices are extremely limited. Haven’t found one yet that works actually.
-Poor button design on the device:
-Power button is next to the disc tray, yet the tray eject button is on the opposite side of the player. Really?
-Only 4 buttons: power, eject, stop, play (however this is not uncommon)
-Remote control button layout is also somewhat strange, but not awful
-Physically larger than many other current and better Blu-Ray players
-Very limited physical connections:
-HDMI out, Composite (analog) Video out, Analog audio out, Ethernet port. That’s it.

-It (attempts to) serve(s) its intended purpose (just not very well)
-(insert strained/qualified positive attribute here)
-Built-in wifi. yes really. (Or maybe it’s actually a new kind of NFC since you pretty much have to set it next to your wireless router.)
-Sits flat on a shelf
-It is a solid
-Assembled from interchangeable parts (Eli Whitney would be so proud)
-Has a laser inside of it
-It’s not ugly I guess
-Has a remote control…with buttons…powered by batteries.
-Usually can connect to the World Wide Interwebnet (including Netflix, YouTube, Vudu, CinemaNow, Hulu Plus and that’s it)
-Will be fun to destroy it when it either completely dies (since it’s already kind of a zombie anyway) or when I get a new Blu-Ray player.
-Did I mention it has laser inside of it? And that it’s BLUE? Cool… Cool cool cool.

This player got two stars instead of one because it does actually play movies. For the money there are many much better options for an internet-connected Blu-Ray player. I would look at the Sony models personally.