Panasonic Blu-ray Player w/ Wi-Fi & Apps

So-so reviews (2.3 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Anybody have this and have any luck playing .mkv or .avi files via the USB? I bought a similar panasonic BR player from Costco that claimed to be able to play these types of files but I couldn’t get it to play any of them, so I just returned it. The apps were painfully slow to use, too.

$49.99 refurb tonight
Walmart sold out of it for $88 for refurb

Microcenter $71.99, one 4 star review

NewEgg 3 eggs, mixed reviews, $139.99


Since manual for the DMPBD87 and 871 are the same, I’ll link you to the support page for the 87 model (2 stars)

MKV and AVI are wrapper formats, they don’t tell you what the video and audio encoding look like. Never yet heard of a BD player that could handle, say, x264 Hi10, I built my own entertainment computer to do it.

I have a very, very similar Panasonic Blu-Ray player (if not the same one) and it is the most unreliable piece of crap. If you plan on getting this to stream Netflix via wifi, please DO NOT. It drops the stream constantly. I very rarely got through a video without interruption.

It plays Blu-Rays O.K. but a foreign movie (The Raid) I had recently would freeze up every time it tried to load the menu, the same movie worked just fine on my PS3.

I wouldn’t pay more than $20 for this machine.

I’ve got Panasonic model#-DMP-BDT220 Smart 3D Blu-ray Player that plays MKV, MP4, ts & m2ts thru the USB. Also plays MP3 & FLAC audio. MPO and JPEG images. I have a ton of tv series that I convert to x264 mp4 that play fine, and they also play thru my USB port on my Panasonic 50" Plasma.

I just bought something similar by Sony from my local Shopko for $120 (after checking the reviews on Amazon - because the Shopko website doesn’t carry customer reviews :frowning: ). Once we figured out how to switch the menus to English (from the default French - for a product sold in the USA?), it worked beautifully. It’s half the price & half the size of our old Blu-ray player, found our wireless network without any problems, and interfaces with our iPad for easier navigation to YouTube videos. (Doesn’t run digital copies of movies from discs, though.) Here’s a link to the product at Amazon:
Now we just have to decide: Netflix, Blockbuster at Home, or Amazon Prime Instant Video?

Get a Western Digital TV Live player for that. It has an HDMI output. I have a 2TB drive plugged into mine with over 400 movies on it.

I have a similar one to this except it doesn’t have Wi-Fi…just an ethernet port. It works well but the apps interface is clunky and frustrating. I use a Roku box now and never use the apps on the player.

Thanks for sharing, but isn’t this thread about the Woot offering that is 1/3 the price you paid for your fine Sony ;^)

Oddly, most of the Woot offerings are severely criticized as not doing this or that and how they have not had problems playing same things via their PS3’s. Hmmm… so does Sony make the better stand alone players after all?

No - one word why - cinavia

I can top the author of this. I’ve watched films on Selectavision (aka CED) Laserdisc, VHS, Betamax, VCD, DVD, SVCD (the biggest PITA format out there) and Blu Ray. I never got an SVHS player or an HD-DVD player, though.

Oh and I’ve watched 8MM silent films too.

Thank You for the advice!

Shipped in an unsealed thin cardboard box that I’m not convinced is even big enough to have fit the player IF it had arrived?? You have GOT to be kidding me! That was your last chance Woot, we’re done. Claims and complaints being filed, unsubscribing, you need to be shut down. Every purchase has been a nightmare, and this is so unreasonable I don’t even have the words for how irresponsible you people are. Truly it’s no joke when the sales list the first sucker, you people are just running a scam operation at this point.

I’m sorry to hear that you received your order in the condition you described it.
Is the unit damaged in any way or not operational?
If you’re having issues with the product working please feel free to contact Woot Member Services at and they’ll be more than happy to help you find a resolve.