Panasonic Bluetooth Phone System with 2HS

Panasonic Bluetooth Phone System with 2HS
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Previous Similar Sales (May not be exact model)
10/13/2016 - $74.99 (Woot Plus)

Note Price Drop!

I like the Panasonic line of link to cell phones. This one has an impressive line of features including 250 number call blocking. Check the Panasonic web site.

Can it be used with any system? Like XFINITY phone/voice?

Got these last time. They’re great. Pairs with both our smartphones, we got rid of the landline. So convenient and easy to use.

I am technically challenged. So no land line necessary? We get terrible reception with our cell phones; they are older. Would this allow for better reception?

These will do nothing to improve your cell phone reception UNLESS you have a spot in the house (window ledge?) where your cell phone itself has good signal. IF that spot is reasonably near where you will place this Panasonic system base THEN this may help you out by allowing you to leave you cell phone in the good reception location and using the cordless handsets. No land line required.

All that said we have a similar Panasonic system and the call quality is degraded via Bluetooth with it vs. using the cell phone directly, still usable and certainly a convenience if your cell phone is not permanently attached to you.

Does anyone know if you can you use FaceTime with this phone?

Yes, no landline is necessary (although it’s possible to use one). No, the reception would not be better. The signal from your cell phone is simply transmitted by Bluetooth to these phones. In short, the lousy reception is simply transferred from your cell phone to these phones. You know, garbage in, garbage out.

Thank You

Does anyone understand what the model numbers mean?

This KX-TGE272S on Woot appears to be a discontinued 2014 model for $71.99 shipped. The mothership has the Panasonic KX-TGF342B (apparently the the 2015 model of the same phone) for $71.39 shipped.

What is the advantage of the one-year-older model that one would pay MORE for it?

The model numbers are clear as mud, but it appears that Panasonic started with KX-TGA and have been changing the last letter, so this one on Woot is TGE and the newer one on Amazon is TGF. But the numbers following those letters are a mystery to me.

Also, if you’re buying this mode of phone but need additional handsets, this is not the way to go. You can get this base plus SIX handsets and FIVE chargers refurbished on Amazon for $110 shipped. That’s $9.50 per additional handset.

The Panasonic phone as you are providing the link to on Amazon’s site is not a year newer model of this phone that Woot is offering - it’s an entirely different Panasonic cordless phone.

It does not have Bluetooth capability nor does it connect with or synch with your cell phone.

We are confirming Cliff731’s answer. He is correct. The model on Woot offers Bluetooth and Linktocell which are valuable features.

Thanks to both of you for the replies. Is there a chart or list somewhere that explains what each Panasonic model number does?

Or is it the same basic model with two additional handsets?

Looking on Amazon,
appears to be this year’s model (first available on Amazon in July 2016) and it’s $90 shipped for four handsets, and includes Bluetooth and Link2Cell. $18 more than here, but you get two additional handsets and it’s this year’s model. Or does that also lack something that this 2014 model offers?

(Or is it the same model with two additional handsets?)

I have this in black with 5 handsets. I dig out. DTFM tones do work. We use ours as a home intercom also.