Panasonic Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Panasonic Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
Price: $79.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard* or $14 Two-Day or *$17 One-Day
Condition: New

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Panasonic Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
Price: $79.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $14 Two-Day OR $17 One-Day
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Condition: New


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Bought this last time around. I would say I am pleased. Decent sound, decent volume.

I am not sure the description is completely right though. The SC-NE1 is a bluetooth or aux-in speaker. The reference to AirPlay, DLNA, etc refer, I think, to the other variants of this speaker not the actual model on sale. The Panasonic Music Streaming App doesn’t really seem to deliver what it says and the iOS version is basically crap.

I don’t see anything about what actually comes with the speakers. How’s the remote? Is there a bulky external power adapter or just a straight cable with an internal transformer? Does it read mp3 CDs or only regular tracked disks? I’d like to wall mount this, but how well can you reach the controls then if the remote isn’t handy. I saw references to a dedicated mobile app, but how well does it work with a PC’s Bluetooth connection? How many devices can be paired simultaneously?
I’m a picky, demanding technophile, consarn it, and I demand picky answers!

Also, Merry Christmas +1, folks. Hope yours wasn’t a HoC.

for those wondering…

i bought this to use with a digital grand (aux, instrumental input), and it works wonderfully.

it actually is comparable to studio monitors if you set the equalizer flat with 0 bass and +3 treble. i’m comparing this ti maudio bx5 d2’s (150~ on amazon currently). make sure it’s either mounted or sitting on a padded surface…and it’s wonderful. to me, especially important is piano reproduction because most speakers tend to hiss (distort) horrible upon multiple keystrokes at the lower spectrum, and this one does not. i especially love the input level settings, where you can actually amplify the instrument’s input volume without distortion or excessive hissing.

also, i streamed my xperia z’s (sony) music through bluetooth and it sounded amazing. it filled my rather large room (height-wise, it’s 12x13x20) extremely well. did i mention that it’s really slim and fits pretty much anywhere? i paid $100 and amazon and regret nothing.

The remote is small and provides the basic options to adjust volume, sound settings, input, sleep timer etc. The physical controls are located on top of the speaker itself, but only provide options for power, volume, input, and bass settings. There is no external power adapter, just a straight cable. Frankly I found the cable to be a bit on the short side.

The SC-NE1 cannot read cds of any kind. It only works through bluetooth or an aux input. You can register up to 8 devices with it at one time. The mobile app doesn’t really provide any additional functionality. It merely allows you to play music through the app instead of natively through the mobile device. My mac connects perfectly as well. I haven’t had an issue with audio delay either, allowing me to connect my laptop to my tv and transmit sound wirelessly through the SC-NE1.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the sound quality. The highs are very clear and crisp. Better than far more expensive speaker setups I’ve encountered. The lows are fine, (good for the price) but not out of this world (if you’re planning on using them for a dance party).

Can anyone compare the sound quality to the Bose Soundlink? Currently in the market for a Bluetooth speaker and was going to settle with a Bose, but this one is priced nice. Does it have a battery option?

Thanks for the fast and thorough! I’m confused now, though. The specs tab is pretty explicit about the CDs.

The description is mistaken. The SC-NE1 cannot play CDs. Only the SC-NE5 has docking/cd unit.

Agreed. I’ll send it in for fixing. Thanks!

UPDATE: Confirmed and fixed. This does not play CDs.

UPDATE 2: No AirPlay or DLNA. Removed.

I stay AWAY from ANYTHING Panasonic, for us we call it Panasux, their crap is entirely way to complicated to operate, we have gotten several things (alarm clocks, stereo & TV) that were Panasux and will NEVER EVER get lured again, customer service for assistance are rude & all come from the same school of “box of dummies”…

I bought two of these speakers awhile back (for bedroom & living room in an apartment). I’m extremely please with the sound quality, ease of bluetooth pairing (and recognition). Standard 30 feet for Bluetooth distance. For the money it’s the best option on the market. However, there is a dark-side of the force. It is not portable, it has to be plugged in (no battery option). It can not be bridged (like a SONOS sound system). It appears to be strictly for bluetooth speaker playback. Please don’t be fools by the size and start comparing it to BOSE and other HOME ROOM filling systems. It is a desktop bluetooth speaker on steroids (that fills the area within a room quite nicely), and for the money it will truly satisfy your needs and some.

You are correct. I bought this on woot with that same description. I was in a rush and didn’t do complete homework before the purchase. I wanted the Airplay feature, which this unit does not have. The word should not even be in the description. Anyway, I will no longer even remotely trust a woot description again. I can get misleading sales jargon like that from my local car salesman. thanks woot!
I long for the pre-Amazon woot days.

Sorry for the errors. We relied on the Panasonic specs for that info and it appears their site is incorrect in listing Airplay, DLNA, and CD playing. We’ve updated our sale. Again, apologies for the errors.

Panasonic makes hands down the best Car Audio equipment.

This. I’ve had one too for several months and use it to stream sound from my laptop and iPhone. The app is not necessary. Overall, I’m quite pleased with this speaker.

Most companies would leave off the THD if it was that bad. Maybe the think people won’t notice it’s 100 times what good equipment gets.