Panasonic BT Bone Conduction Headphones

While this may not necessarily be the best foray into bone conduction headphones, I should add that these are fantastic for people with single sided deafness or with damage to the outer and middle ear. They send sound directly to the cochlea which basically means that these headsets make the hard of hearing cry for joy at hearing music again or, like in my case of single sided deafness, hearing in stereo for the first time in my life.

I got a different model but I always like to mention the benefits of bone conducting headphones. They only ever seem to tout the safety benefits of them since you can still hear the sounds around them (great for blind people too). But since they bypass the outer and middle ear, it has far larger ramifications.

These don’t have great reviews but a lot of reviews are because people like headphones to shut out external sound which these are specifically designed not to. But for $30 you can try these and get better more expensive models later if they work for you.

Will they stay on your head if you’re exercising and sweating? seems like it would just slip down to your neck

Thank You SOOOO much for your post!!! After developing a momentary bout of LABRYNTHITIS back in 2010, I have Permanent Nerve Damage to the Inner Ear on Left side… thus, if/when I Rarely decide to pop in an earpiece, I am 100% Unable to hear ANYTHING, & it drives me BONKERS! (you’d think i was used to it by now…nope) While some people would think its nice to be able to shut everything out, it’s Really NOT when you Don’t have the Option (other than to not use them). Also, I prefer to ALWAYS be AWARE of my Surroundings, which becomes IMPOSSIBLE with Standard In Ear Bluetooth pieces! So Again, THANK YOU for your post, I rarely take the time to READ these. Your input was HELPFUL enough for me to give it a 2nd look & try it out. SERIOUSLY, THANK YOU!!! Fingers Crossedx :slight_smile: