Panasonic Cordless Phones

No model number? Sounds like a BoC to me! (and not in a good way!)

1.Again, what is the model number please?
2.Also, is the “factory recondition” done at Panasonic or an outside vendor.
3. Must the extra warranty be bought at purchase or can it be bought within the 90 days?


  1. See above
  2. We don’t know how Panasonic chooses to refurbish their items. It will be done by them or a 3rd party they designate.
  3. I believe the SquareTrade warranty must be purchased within 30 days but that’s a question for them.

The itemization of what’s “In The Box” is vague. Does the purchase include a base (as shown in picture)? Chargers and cabling? Wall-mounting hardware? Only the 4 handsets indicated?

What’s in the box? I don’t understand… Does that mean only 4 handsets as specified?? OR it Includes 4 handsets with NiMH AAA rechargeable batteries / 3 handset chargers / Belt clip / Owner’s manual?? Thanks

No promises on a belt clip, but you should receive the bases along with each of the 4 handsets and a manual.