Panasonic High Definition Mobile Camcorder

Yup, carrots would have been nice…
On these pocket video cams…I’m waiting for image stabilization and at least 3x optical zoom, I’m sure they’ll be around soon.(at a reasonable price)

Excellent post! Great tutorial graphic. This is a quality post Woot! He doesn’t have 1 yet. Comeon, spread the wealth.

I have the Flip from Woot. This is just as good if not better. I’ve seen videos from this compared to the Flip. No difference in the quality of the 2. Matter of fact, this was being used while the person was hiding. The Flip was being used in clear view of the people being video taped. Still no difference and the lighting could have been better.

This is a good, early Black Friday deal. I’m in for 2 or 3 as gifts and 1 for myself. Gotta think if I wanna spend buckeroos on myself, it’s rare I do. I can always gift mine. :slight_smile: That’s what I usually do.

Nothing really to add to the product discussion, just wanted to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy your turkeys!

Here’s the elusive manual.

But one of the pics is of the little USB thing popped out like a turkey pop up timer, where you can plug it right in the USB slot on your computer. No cable required

this is amazon.
New: Toshiba Camileo S20 1080p Digital Camcorder for $99 + free shipping offers the Toshiba Camileo 5-Megapixel S20 1080p Digital Camcorder in Silver/Black, model no. PA3792U-1CAM, for $98.92. With free shipping, that’s $9 under our July mention and the lowest total price we could find by $18. Features include a 3" LCD, 1920x1080 maximum resolution, 4x digital zoom, SDHC card slot, 128MB internal memory, HDMI and composite outputs, and USB connectivity.

I really want one for the hubby anyone know of any better deals on this over the weekend or on cyper-Monday?

It looks like a nice gift for the youtuber in your family.

The reviews say the battery only lasts 2hrs.
So I say buy it up anyway, if that’s your hobby.


But that is a Toshiba, and this is a Panasonic. They’re not the same thing, are they?

this better, just not sureif better deal ahead

Got to admit, I was entirely unable to parse that sentence. Huh?

tired, hem hawing on the deal

Not that it matters but I agree, the visual with the post deserves a quality post.

Oh, he forgot to mention it comes with an adapter cable in case the slip out usb plug doesn’t mate with your computer. I think all video cameras should come with an extra cable.

Just the thing to film your TSA security opt out pat down video.

amazon is selling thisSanyo VPC-PD2BK Full HD Pocket Movie Dual Camera with 10 MP Digital Photos and 3X Optical Zoom same price $99.99.

Anyone know which one is better?

What is your point, and why no link?
Are you trying to compare by price?
Without a link there is no way to compare the two.
Ok I found it here
It has good reviews.
It looks like a good camcorder. And with Toshiba’s reputation, personally I’d pick it over this.
Sorry woot, he’s got a good deal
I hope I’m not out of line but here’s a video comparison with much more info than this camcorder had

Didn’t woot sell these recently? The reviews are not as good as this one. Do your own search, like on newegg. Google it for reviews.
A Start
here’s another

It doesn’t take much to form a decision It looks like a good camera by reviews.

The Sanyo has a better feature set but more features don’t always translate into a better product.

ZDNET Sanyo VPC-PD2BK Review

The Sanyo also has a built-in flash which the Panasonic lacks.

This part of an Amazon review is a deal killer for me on the Panasonic. It isn’t road trip friendly.