Panasonic Link2Cell 3HS or 5HS Phone Sys

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Panasonic Link2Cell 3HS or 5HS Phone Sys
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Reviews for the 3 Handset from bestbuy

I already have a relatively new (under five years) Panasonic phone system. Anyone know if the remote phones from that are compatible with the base unit from this set?

Need support? Find all the support you need right here and here

Check out what newegg has to say about the 3 handset and the 5 handset

How many different ph numbers can be blocked? My current, ancient, perfectly functional Panasonic set can block only 20 numbers.
//Thanks for posting the link to user manuals. One says the system can block 30 numbers.

the 5 handset unit can block 250 numbers.

Three questions:

  1. Does it work with Galaxy s4?
  2. Does it work with HTC?
  3. What happens if the Panasonic is synced with my cell phone, and someone calls on my landline?

Will these work without a working landline? Our house has very poor cell reception with the exception of a few spots here and there. I’m hoping I can “park” my cell phone at one of these spots and still be able to make/receive calls using these Panasonic phones. We have cancelled our landline for a few years so I wonder if this would work without a landline.

Great question! I am in the same situation, if these work without a land line I am in.

Yes they do. If they are anything like the ones I picked up Costco a few days ago, you can set them to “Cell Only Mode.” That way, you don’t need to specify to the phone that you want to use your cellphone’s connection.

Unfortunately, I will have to return mine, since the call out is not compatible with the Galaxy S3. I spent an hour talking to support and after redoing everything in the manual, I still just got a busy signal and my cellphone hanging up. I was able to receive calls no problem, though. Support told me that the technology used is the same in all models, so I don’t think I will try another… This is unfortunate because I’ll be moving to a new house, where a “home phone” would be much needed.

Lastly, it was near impossible for me to find the “compatibility list…” If I had the link laying around I would post it… But it is horrifically outdated.

EDIT: Found the PDF support sent me… (I have the T-Mobile, SGH-T999) Also, auto phonebook syncing did not work, but manual did.

The two handset version, the KX-TG7732S, is currently The Wirecutter’s pick for “The Best Cordless Phone”.

Not a bad set, i got the 5HS model a couple months back on woot. I think i paid the same price. Ring tones are pretty lame, and battery life is not so hot- only use 2 AAA each phone. havent tried bluetooth part of it yet. good sound quality, several eq options. havent tested range yet but def covers whole house. robot voice is hilarious, pronounces some words funny!

i canceled my land line 2 weeks ago. about 20% of the time, i get the busy signal too. but, if i redial right away, it will go thru almost 100% of the time. i am using a Republic Wireless Moto G, and i think the first attempt might “wake-up” the phone so that the second call will go thru.

i plan to buy a 5 handset silver for my wife’s Moto G.

republic wireless (only $10 per month) + Panasonic link2cell allowed me to replace my landline, my old cell phone, and vonage.

Has anyone tried one of these using only a MagicJack or MagicJack+ but without a landline? Have two cell phones, but don’t have home phone service and don’t want to have a line installed for a line we won’t use often.

Will these work; or does it HAVE to have a land line based line and not an ip based one like MagicJack?

we own the one from costco (i think there is a coupon now for $99). we set ours to the cell-only mode. we linked both my wife’s cell and my cell. it works. just now, my wife called me from downstairs to remind me to call the handyman.

the problem with 2 linked cell phones is the dial out sequence. after we dial the number, we have to pick the cell phone. my wife is #1 and mine is #2. during an emergency, i can picture my wife panicking and dialing 911 without picking a phone. she will freak out even more.

We bought this system a couple months ago from Woot. So far everything EXCEPT the Link 2 Cell feature has worked great. We have successfully linked our mobile phones (Motorola Droid 4, Android 4.2.1, Verizon), but they won’t stay linked. They work for 20 minutes (at best), then won’t link again until you reset the phone. There seems to be some sort of incompatibility in the Bluetooth implementation of this unit or Android 4.2.1. Kind of a bummer, but still a really good cordless phone for the landline. Panasonic’s compatability list is useless, it doesn’t seem to list any phones or operating systems made in the last few years.

Cool, I saw that feature and that’d be nice; I actually have another old bluetooth gateway we use.

However, I’d like to add a permanent line in addition to wife and my cell phones. Our daughter is giving out my wife’s phone numbers to friends; and that’s about the only time we would like a home phone.

I’m wondering if MagicJack would work. I saw a review on MagicJack that says it works, but it didn’t mention if it used a landline or not. Curious.

I am moving to a house with sketchy cell coverage as well; I started researching cell phone repeaters as a solution. Depending on the unit, you can change antennas to suit your location and your house construction. You have to pay attention to get the right unit for your carrier, and you have to decide how much you care to stay with the carrier, because these things can get pricey.

One resource said Surecall makes a better repeater than Wilson, though the Wilson might work for you. There is quite a difference in pricing. A last thing, it could be trial and error, because after 30 April 2014, the FCC decided to limit the power to one watt from the old three on the interior antenna.

Thank you so much for posting this. I almost bought these, but have the Galaxy S3. You saved me mucho time & aggrivation!