Panasonic Link2Cell 3HS or 5HS Phone Sys

So can you use multiple cell phones, plus a land line function, all at once?

Or will can it simply be used as one of the following:

-land line/voip line
-paired with one cell phone

So can you use multiple cell phones, plus a land line function, all at once?

Or will can it simply be used as one of the following:

-land line/voip line
-paired with one cell phone

I have the same question. I have one land and two cell

From the manual:

Up to 2 cellular phones can be registered.
However, only one Bluetooth device
(cellular phone or headset) can be
connected to the base unit at a time

Damn… I’m out.

The manual is vague on the use of one BT device and landline concurrently, but believe this is possible.

Per the user manual, you can link 2 cell phones to one base.

Ok, no one is figuring out this question of multiple cell phones. I researched on Panasonic’s site and found a DIFFERENT MODEL but using Link2Cell that said it supports up to 2 smartphones. Not sure if that is a standard determined by the model or Link2Cell though.

Even a limit of 2 might not work for me since we have 4 smart phone users in the house.

I got the 5 hand set version last time, and I am having a terrible time with it. I’m sure I’m the exception (lucky me), but after a week, the phone was pretty unusable.

[ begin rant ]

After about a week of working just fine, it started to beep. over and over. I would look at the phone display and the asterisk (*) would be repeating over and over on the screen, as if some invisible ghost was pushing the button. I would hit Exit and it would stop for a second, then restart. I tried unplugging it for various periods, but it would always restart.

Sometimes it would be fine for a few hours, maybe even a whole day, but sometimes just minutes and it would start again. I thought I had it fixed, but one morning came out of my bedroom and it was beeping. My poor pet was probably going nuts! After that, the keypad on the base stopped working completely. Fun.

I contacted support (it was within the 90-day warranty) and opened a ticket. I even sent them a short iphone video of what was happening with the asterisk. Two weeks later after hearing nothing, I contacted them again. They had me send the same stuff over again (woot purchase confirmation and the video). A few days later they called and left a vmail asking me to “call them back”. I had to go through that god-awful automated phone system “I understand what you say. just tell me what’s wrong” crap (if I’m returning your phone call, give me an escape from that menu-hell!).

Finally I get through and they are going to have me send the base back for replacement. Oh, but I have to pay for it, AND I have to send the base in first and wait like 2+ weeks before getting the replacement. I’m an old fashioned girl… I still use my home line… a lot. This is quite an inconvenience! If they were a good customer service company, they should have sent me a new base with return instructions for the old one. It’s not like I’m going to keep the extra un-usable base!

[ / end rant ]

So, hopefully, I was the exception on these phones. While it worked, I thought the sound was fine. But I’m so disillusioned by Panasonics customer service, that I’m not sure I’d buy from them again.

Only one can be connected at a time apparently. Yes it can store two phones and one headset, but not connect all at once.


Does anyone know - can someone use a handset for their cell phone while the land line is already in use?

(This could be handy because my mother-in-law is ALWAYS on the land line.)

So, darn. I got the 5-handset model last time around and it’s working very well in our fairly large (4000 sq ft.), spread-out house – much better than our previous non-DECT Uniden, which would get unusably crackly if you weren’t on the same side of the house as the base.

In the meantime, I need a cordless phone for our city apartment (the Uniden having been already repurposed in yet a third location), so I was happy to see this woot.

Unfortunately the 3-handset model is sold out – else I would have been all over it – and 5 handsets would be way overkill for a small NYC apartment – even 3 is more than I need; 2 would do just fine.

So… I thought maybe I could just get the 5HS and use two (or three) of the superfluous handsets in the house with the first system, since they’d definitely be useful there. But I can’t tell by reading the manual whether the handsets are “locked” to the base in some way, i.e. would I be able to use handsets from this order with the (same model) base from the previous woot?

More worrying, the manual says one can have at most 6 optional additional handsets – it’s not clear from that language whether this means a single base can support up to 5+6=11 (!) handsets or up to 6 in total. I fear the latter is a lot more likely.

Anyone know? I don’t want to drop $60 on the 5-handset system when I really only need 2, if I can’t use the extras with the other system.

Splurge on 5 and have 2 for spares


No it uses blutooth

Will these work with a POTS landline as well as a cell?

I saw no explicit answer so far.

Well I will give a review once I actually receive the phones. It will be 14 business days come Monday and it still hasn’t even shipped out. No worries here, I am chilled and relaxed. I just hope I receive my order before I die, and I will be all good. We must all realize that they are shipping this from overseas. However, I even receive my other international orders by now.