Panasonic Link2Cell Amplified Vol. Cordless Phone

Panasonic Link2Cell Amplified Vol. Cordless Phone
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I can’t seem to find the model number anywhere. Am I missing it? I see a couple of different models that appear to be the same.

According to Panasonic Website it’s KX-TG454SK

Curious if the bluetooth capability is provided by the base or through each handset. In other words, do I need to be within bluetooth range of the base to use bluetooth or can I carry the handset around and use bluetooth paired to the handset? The current system I have only pairs bluetooth to the base which is very inconvenient and does not allow me to roam too far away from the base.

Also, many refurbished items that had batteries that I have purchased on woot in the past did not include new batteries, and therefore, the cost of replacing the batteries queered the deal. In this particular case, I wonder if refurbished means new rechargeable batteries are included? Unless there has been a change in what woot considers refurbished, I assume that the batteries are not fresh and will need to be replaced.

Panasonic phones does BT pairing via their base unit. The way it is meant to work is that once you get home, you leave your mobile near the base, being recharged, or in some nearby location where it has better reception. Then you carry the handset to wherever you want, even to the cellar and your mobile’s reception won’t change.

I wouldn’t know why you would want to bring your mobile with your and have it paired to a handset, unless you want to check your SMS or email the whole time, if that’s the case, just use the mobile on its own. Why pair it to a handset when they both pretty much perform the same function as a phone.

As for batteries, panasonic uses NiMH AAA batteries, so even if they were used a bit, they will still hold charges for hundreds of additional cycles.

Acutally, I should have stated that I am using bluetooth to pair a bluetooth headset, not my mobile device. Sorry for the confusion.

As for the batteries, I have received refurbished items where the batteries are useless from the get go and needed to be replaced, and I have a pile of woot purchases in this category. I have also received items where the batteries were so old that the corrosion had eaten away the battery compartment. Just an observation that causes me hesitate to make any refurbished purchases with batteries.

I hear you about the possible cr*p woot refurbished products but these are done by Panasonic and carry a 90 day Panasonic warranty.

I dont have these Panasonic phones but can vouch for the durability of both sets of the phones I have had.

I have dropped the phone I have now down a wooden staircase! The phone is still going strong a couple years later. Amazingly the batteries hold a charge forever.

I had a question that wasnt addressed in the booklet and the warranty was way over but the operator was very happy to find the answer to my question.

All considered with the replaceable AAA rechargeable batteries and well built phones I will stay with Panasonic if I ever need to replace my phone.

I have two different Panasonic Link2Cell sets (Systems) in my home.

One I purchased about four or five years ago, still going strong, with original batteries. It is a four phone set (4 handsets including the handset that comes with the base).

The other I purchased here at w00t about three years ago. It has five handsets including the phone that comes with the base.

I am not at home so I cannot tell you the model numbers but although the handsets have slightly different key layouts they are essentially the same.

The AAA rechargeable batteries (Ni-MH)
you can purchase at any store. All mine are still going strong even after all these years with all phones always turned on. I have not had to replace any batteries.

The Bluetooth transceivers ARE IN EACH handset AND in the base. I have a rather large home with a basement–total of 3 1/2 levels. From any Panasonic handset I can answer and talk using a Bluetooth signal to and from my mobile phone from any place in my home.

The blocked calls function does not work across the two the different systems, nor does the intercom system work across the two different systems. That may be my fault, as maybe I could try pairing them all to the same “channel” frequency. I have so many phones that does not concern me. I keep at least one phone from the five-set system on each level and in each room where we spend most of our time: master bedroom, home-office, kitchen, family room, and the laundry room in the basement.

Plus, my older systems only except 50 blocked call numbers. I need to keep them on separate channels in order to block more numbers. As it turns out, I can use either system to register a blocked call number, increasing the total capability to 100 numbers. The two slightly different systems do not interfere with each other even though they are on different “channels”. THIS SYSTEM, provides 250 blocked call number registrations–a HUGE PLUS, as the National Do Not Call List is not worth a hoot.

This system is far better in other ways too, such as the Key Detector function.

WHOOPS, I just talked myself into buying another system. I’ll give my older 4 handset system to a nephew or niece. None of them have land lines but they all have cell phones, and these systems are incredibly handy, especially since you can link two different cell phones to them.

Do these phones have a headset jack? Looking at the Panasonic specs page Headset jack is listed twice, once as Y and once as -.

HEY ALL! Happy Labor Day.

Wanted to let you know that we fixed the condition on the sale.

This is FACTORY RECONDITIONED. We had it called out as Refurbished by mistake.

Confirmed that it has a headset jack in the side of the handset.

What’s the difference?

A “factory reconditioned” item was returned, inspected, and restored to fully working condition by the original manufacturer or a certified partner. And the original manufacturer stands behind it with a warranty. It’s as close to new as you can get without technically being “new”.

“Refurbished” covers everything from buyers’ remorse returns and products whose defects have been repaired by the pros to damaged packaging and discontinued items. If you can accept their checkered past, refurbs have a lot of love to give.

I’ve used a set of these for a year or so and find them very useful and reliable. My Android phone “pairs” and stays paired. Much in contrast to my car where the BT goes awry semi-frequently. The BT also has great range. I used to take the phone to the base station but I’ve found the BT works very well 20-30 feet away and through 2 or more walls.
After using the Link2Cell for several months with both cell phone and landline, I transferred my number to my cell phone and dropped the landline. So, now, I use my cell phone exclusively both at home and in my car.
My Link2Cell does not record messages from the cell phone; that’s the only feature I miss.

No box sometimes. I have an older version of this. I bought a cheap plan for it, never used it in 5 years. Batteries are all still good. I bought a friend a 5 phone set up as a house gift, they love it. Worth $50 for 4 phones you can hook 2 cell phones up to as well with a 5000 number address book.

mine came in today but it did not have the base unit AC adaptor in the package. Really wish this was not the case. Emailed Woot and currently on hold with Panasonic to see how to fix this.

*** UPDATE ***
I spoke to Panasonic. Since this is not one of the electronic pieces. it is not covered under the warranty. Since I purchased from a 3rd party, they do not cover the parts missing. Woot replied back to me and offered to offer me a full refund. Since these were such a good price and I was able to get the actual charger from Panasonic cheaper than a universal one locally ($9.55 w/shipping) I decided to just order the part and keep the system. Thank you, Woot, for the help! FYI: I have made over 80 orders with Woot since Sept 23, 2004 and have never had an issue before. SO, this is a one off for me.

I wooted on these phones in 2015 and they are great. Just figured out yesterday all the extra bells and whistles.
They’ve been dropped, wet, muddy, and soda popped and they still work.
If I could just FIND the 4th one I’d be a happy camper. Probably out in the shop but they take a lickin and keep on tickin and that’s not bad for something not made by Timex.