Panasonic Link2Cell Amplified Vol. Cordless Phone

I bought this set a few weeks ago and could not be happier. This phone does it all, announces the caller, blocks up to 250 unwanted callers and even allows you to hear the messages on the answering machine from ANY handset. Great clarity with the “NR” button. VERY satisfied with my purchase!

BUYER BEWARE! I wooted two of these when it was last up. I love the item, but one on the bases would not charge the phone (the other seven handsets/bases work fine). I contacted Woot and was told I had to take up the issue with the manufacturer. Unacceptable for a new purchase!!

I just looked up the call block in the manual and it said it could only block 30? That’s not enough.

Hi there. Sorry for the problem. We will always send you to the manufacturer first as they can probably fix you up and we often don’t have replacements.


I am curious, was Panasonic responsive?

We have lots of Panasonic stuff -TVs/Microwave/Phones/Batteries/electric razors/portable radios/receivers & turntables (Technics) - but have never had to contact Panasonic. Oh wait, we did order a channel knob that we broke on our circa '70’s military-look B&W TV. But that was about 35 years ago before the Internet.

This manual reports 250 on p. 46:

Well dang it. Although the silver one does have a key pad. Worth the 10 bucks.

I bought this the last time it was offered. It didn’t work properly. You couldn’t hear the person you called even if the volume was turn up full. I sent it back to Panasonic and in 2 weeks they sent me another one (white this time) and it works great.

What kind of cell phone is this?

That is woot for you. They care about selling not about customer service. Woot is very difficult to work with. Which is why I haven’t purchased anything in a while. I just come here to rant and rave about their lousy service.

Which isn’t really helpful to anyone, including yourself.

I’ve had issues with a few of my many Woot purchases, and the Woot team have always done very well at resolving the issue. A decent attitude helps.

By all means rave, but if all you have is rants, just go somewhere else. I don’t Woot for the relationship, I woot for the deals (and to feed my addiction). It’s pretty reasonable to send someone to the manufacturer, particularly on a group/lot purchase.

they aren’t intentionally selling junk, someone just got a bad unit. Let’s say Woot adds 1st point customer service, prices go up, you don’t like the prices, you rant about that for a bit, then you go elsewhere, Woot lowers the prices and strikes the 1st line support and we’re all happy again.

Thank you and have a nice day :smiley:

There are two phones for sale on woot today, this black one, and a silver model. The most noticeable difference is that the silver one clearly states that it has an answering machine, and this black one does not.
HOWEVER, this black model clearly states that it does have an answering machine in the specs:

Answering System
Answering System Y
Total Recording Time About 18 min
Audible Message Alert Y(Base Unit)
New Message Notification by a Call Y


We usually base our titles off info from the Vendor or the manufacturer’s site. Panasonic has differing titles as well.

Looks like both have an answering system.

I had bought these (not from Woot!) for my Mom to replace her old Uniden phones. I had the same issue. They worked for awhile, but over time, NONE of the small charging stations would charge the phones. Now, only the main base station will charge any of the phones. We now have to rotate out the phones through the one main base for charging.

Does this unit announce text messages as well? Even on the website, it isn’t clear.

Does anybody know the phone charger input power does it mention 110v to 220v

I bought these and they have worked beautifully for the past year plus. Very happy with them.