Panasonic Link2Cell BT Phone w/Answering Machine

the picture shows 4 handsets, but the specs do not state the number of handsets. I have a Panasonic with 4 handsets now, and it’s been trouble free for many years. but only have 30 blocked calls, so this one with 250 spaces for blocked calls should be great.

Panasonic model numbers generally tell you both the number of included handsets and the color by the last two characters in the model number.

Hence, 4S = 4 handsets in the color silver.

123 is the Product Family;
4 is the quantity of included handsets;
and X indicates color.

S = silver
B = black
SK = black and silver

thank you for that information. you have been very helpful.

We’ve updated the sale to be more clear that 4 handsets are included.

Can you make/receive calls from the base station?

Both models for sale today have answering machines built into the base station, even though their titles are a bit misleading. This silver model has an obvious keypad on the base station and the other black model that is for sale today does not have the keypad on the base station.

Does anyone know why the base station on this model has a keypad? Can you make speakerphone calls from the base station when the handset is absent? Why is this model worth 10 bucks more than the black model … other than the cool silver color?


Yup, and that’s why.

Can two or more handsets be used simultaneously during a call?
Or is it one out of four?