Panasonic Lumix 14.1 MP Digital Camera

Dang, that’s a nice point-and-shoot for a pretty good price. If I only had the money…

Not bad… Maybe I’ll have to take the plunge… 14.1MP isn’t the selling factor… It’s the LI-ION!

Product Website:

Actually…now that I’m pondering that rhyme about how roses are red, and violets are blue – why wouldn’t violets be…well, violet? We may as well just call them ‘blues’ then, shouldn’t we?

CNet review: Red/Blue.
(3.5/5 stars)

Looks like different colors normally affect prices.

I don’t like the colors though black , grey or white would have sold me…

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Pretty good price… I couldn’t find a better price than $154.00 plus shipping (buydig).

Gets decent reveiws from google’s first page of hits, which is really all that matters.

A decent point and shoot is exactly what I needed, it just couldn’t come at a worse time… I’d like to stop paying my rent for this camera, but I just can’t bring myself to do it this time around… Maybe for a nice famousmaker HD monitor :slight_smile:

here’s the manual

looks like youre pointing to the FH20.
here is the correct Amazon link

As much as my finger would like to click “I want One”. I can’t. If it were $75, then maybe… But there’s nothing wrong with my current camera.

I think this reviewer must have been paid by the word.

tl;dr It’s a pretty good camera for this price point, and takes excellent pictures under favorable lighting conditions.

Actually the selling point to me would be if it has that hole-thingy at the bottom to mount it onto a tri-pod. Didn’t even know camera’s didn’t have that these days but a woot! not too long ago had one where the cam did not have that “feature”. So…does it?

Hmm from big brother Woot it looks like you’re getting a $30 discount from Amazon pricing with a smaller variety of colors. But if that doesn’t break the deal for you, might as well.

“Roses are red, violets are blue, but pick one of these camers,you’r not getting two.”

But pick? I will not pick my but.


6 5* ratings, 2 4* ratings. Pretty good!

$149 new at Amazon. Reviews seem favourable.

what about your nose?

If I didn’t already own three lumix cameras I would get this one.

Some issues with the touch screen.