Panasonic Lumix 14.1 MP Digital Camera

Video Review here

I wish I didn’t just buy a new camera recently…

“Roses are red, violets are blue, but pick one of these camers,you’r not getting two.”

but its tuesday today… on mars

Judging by the detail picture of the product It does not appear that there exists a tripod mounting hole-thingy

New firmware for the FP3 just released last week! Nice to see they’re supporting a product, even after it’s hit W00t!

YES , it does have a tripod mount, its blocked by the battery door in WOOT’s pic but its there. Go the Panasonic website and use the 360 degree view feature, yu will be able to see it…

Panasonic FP3

This is a good price for this camera. If you don’t care about the touch screen I bought an earlier Panasonic with many similar features for $107.00 new at Amazon this week: Lumix DMC-FH1 - the price varies by color and the silver was cheapest.

some examples of HD video it takes:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

I wanted the Samsung last night, because I’d like to take decent photos in the 8X zoom range. But the Samsung had poor reviews for image quality. What I want to know is how well this camera will work for taking photos in the 8X range that are still clear and reasonably sharp. Is the enhanced digi-optical zoom just hype?

I bought the DMC-FP1 on Amazon in June and LOVE it. Great little camera with few moving parts and a 4g card will last you the entire vacation. Great buy @ 120, go for it wooters!

Do all the Lumix cameras have the black level problem I’ve seen people talk about or is it just certain models?

That’s some pretty good HD from a cheapo camera.

This has some solid reviews and the Woot offer is $30 cheaper than Amazon’s prize ($149.99). My old Sony DSC-P200’s lens has finally bit the dust and this offer is perfect. The lithium ion battery was the ultimate decision maker. Thanks Woot!

I was in such a downtrodden mood until I saw the flavor text for this Woot. I feel much better now. In fact, I wish I had put down my d20 sooner but it’s easy to lose track of time during boys night.

Now I feel almost obliged to get this and it would be perfect for documenting my next trip to dragon*con. But that’s practically a year away so I think I’ll hold out for a different deal. Hopefully there will be a nice monitor up soon. One with a large enough screen to read comics at standard size. Everything is going digital these days anyway, even video rental.

Of course, the Singularity is far enough away, and those online streaming services don’t let you keep the media, so I’m going to be on the lookout for a HD too. You know, somewhere to put all of the videos I should be ripping in case the cool video store isn’t around for too much longer.

how does this compare to the Nikon coolpix?

Fair review

I’d like to see some indoor video. Almost every camera can take great outdoor footage in sunlight. I need to see how it performs in low light conditions, which is the majority of when people use their camera. At least I seem to use it a lot inside buildings or later in the day or at night.

im getting a cam for someone whos never had a digital camera…think this one is better than the cannon a495?

Seems they issued a fixed on the July and Sept firmware:

In for 2.

Which Lumix versions do you own? How is the average picture quality over all 3, and for each version specifically?

I really want and need a pocket-size. light point-and-shoot camera but it must excel in two areas:

  1. fast shutter speed; quick to shoot with very little or no lag in between pressing the button and taking the picture, and fast recovery so that I can take multiple pics quickly in succession


  1. image/picture quality in LOW LIGHTING, AT NIGHT, AND INSIDE - that’s when I’d use the camera the most so I really need it to work in a club, restaurant, or my cave of a house

So far, no point-and-shoots with a bunch of reviews (20+ at the very list) that has sold on woot fit those 2 needs.

So if anyone can weigh in on this Lumina, I’d be greatly pleased. And I appreciate blunt honesty.

Thanks in advance!

Does the TV NTSC out function in Recording Mode?
(such as for a remote viewfinder by connecting camera up to personal media eyeglasses from previous woot)

Any ideas on getting extra batteries and ac adapter?