Panasonic Lumix 14.1 MP Digital Camera

It begins.

It’s a WOOT-OFF!!

Woot off!

yay…its a wootoff!

Home sick with a stomach virus. This could not have happened at a better time. Thank you for this. I’m ever grateful.

woot-off time!

YAY! Woot-off!

Woot Woot! Woot-off time!




Good price. $162 at Amazon

time for a celebration

There goes getting to bed early


It’s a woot off woot off.

ahhhh yeeeeeah! Bring it woot!

You wait til the :::end::: of my 3 day weekend to start a Woot-off? Curse you, Woot!

about $103 delivered from amazon…new…more color choices…no, I’m not providing a link…do it yourself :slight_smile:

I have one of these, and while it has some nice features for the price point, I’m not a huge fan of the interface/touch screen functionality. The camera itself is good quality, and I haven’t had much trouble with images, again for the price not bad. If you can tolerate some slow-action on the interface and touch screen, it’s a nice, tough little camera. Perfect for my wife to point-n-shoot the kids with when she doesn’t want to haul my DSLR around.