Panasonic Lumix 14MP 20X Opt Digital Camera

**Item: **Panasonic Lumix 14MP 20X Opt Digital Camera
Price: $179.99
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I wooted one of these last year and have no regrets. A GREAT camera, good battery life and easy to use. Buy it!

Huh? It’s better than itself?

"14.1-megapixel MOS Sensor
The 14.1-megapixel High Sensitivity MOS sensor is newly developed for the DMC-ZS19 for even higher image quality. This boasts better S/N ratio compared with the 14.1-megapixel MOS sensor in the DMC-ZS19. "

Link to some videos from concerts using a ZS19! make sure to click on HD




I’ve bought two previous models of this Lumix Digital Camera. Hands down they’re THE best point and shoot I’ve had the pleasure to have owned.

I have this camera and I love it. It can be fully automatic or you can tweak just about every setting on it. The zoom is great

Here is some shots of its zoom and night capability that I took:

The rest of the photos in my gallery were taken with its older brother the DMC-TZ4.

Also note this is better than the newer version because it still has a stereo microphone.

Great camera! Got the refurbished one here a few months ago and put it through its paces on a road trip. Was more than pleased. Some of the filters are superb, and the intelligent mode is always handy.

Almost perfect reviews over at

Here is another video for you [youtube=EDUa3HH2sns][/youtube]

The latest version is the DMC-ZS30 which still has a stereo microphone, and now comes with a 18 megapixel sensor and WiFi picture transfers.

The next model for this one is DMC-ZS25 which does not have stereo.

The DMC-ZS30 is the next model up from the DMC-ZS20, as that is its upper end GPS enabled one.

A very nice little camera. The Leica lens is excellent and there is relatively little vignetting at full wide angle. As with other point-and-shoots, the small sensor means that it doesn’t do so well in low light, but I have been very pleased with my series of Lumix point-and-shoots.

I have a ZS20, which adds GPS to the ZS19 offered here. You can buy the ZS20 for about $220 with free shipping, so I would recommend that over the ZS19.

We have had multiple Lumix models (we keep dropping them D-: ) and they are fantastic. The camera-shake-reduction feature works great, and I have taken some amazing pictures with the macro function.

If I had the money, I would grab this one just to have a spare.

I used this Lumix model to shoot 2013 4th of July fireworks and produced amazing results 1/2 mile away. Here’s the video recorded with this amazing little camera. As noted on youtube, I could have done it a bit better. However this camera with its Leica lens at this price is a fine performer and an extremely great value.

What they all said. Panasonic Lumix ZS series cameras have been consistently excellent for years. We have owned a number of them and always been very happy the with camera quality and the photo quality, taking into account that this is a small compact camera. And they are very small and easily fit in a pocket or purse. I have no reason to think the ZS19 would be any less than excellent. Great choice if you’re looking for a small easy to use camera that still takes good photos.

I have a ZS10 and it takes excellent pictures which I have blown up to 16x20 prints and they are beautiful and sharp.

It’s a Leica lens, duh!

We have two (2) of the ZS19’s and carry them everywhere. It is the best camera we have ever owned. You will never go wrong with one. Spectacular zoom and splendid video. And it goes right in your pocket. Just take our the memory chip and slide it into your MacBookPro and all your shots will transfer right onto your computer.

I currently have a ZS20 and had a ZS6 before that. These are fantastic cameras. The zoom is incredible and the optical stabilizers are great!

This series of cameras have gotten better with low light pictures. Those pictures were horrible with the ZS6 and have much improved with the ZS20, so I’m assuming that this ZS19K will also be good.

I would really recommend buying an extra battery and having it handy if you’re going to be taking pictures all day. When I go to the zoo, I usually have to replace the battery. These are dedicated lithium batteries, so you can’t just stop at the drug store and pick one up. (Best Buy is the only store I know that sells them. I usually order from Amazon.)