Panasonic Smart 4K & 3D Network Blu-ray Player

Panasonic Smart 4K & 3D Network Blu-ray Player
Price: $69.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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4.4 Stars on similar over at Best Buy

Uhhhh I don’t think you’re correct… This link is for the BDT-350… The offer is for the BDT-361… You almost made me return the BDT-310 I just bought because I need checkerboard output, which the owners manual on the page you linked says is supported, but that is not the player offered on this woot unless I’m missing something. This is the link to the manual for the bluray player offered in this deal:

No checkerboard support.

You are correct. I removed his post. Thanks!

What is Checkerboard support???

It’s one of several 3D formats. There is also top and bottom and side to side. The TV and the blu-ray player need to have the same compatibility. Some formats seem to be better than others.

Upscaling=snakeoil. If you think that this device can observe every pixel it sees from a BD source, split it into 4 distinct, and possibly different new pixels and then transmit that to your 4K TV, then you’ll be interested in buying some of my inventions, too. I’ve got a time machine, a perpetual motion machine, and a blackhole generator, all powered by my cold fusion reactor. (I just used the fusion reactor to kickstart the PM machine—those things are a bugger to get running)

Does anyone know if this supports streaming 4k Netflix (Ultra HD) to a 4k television?

Nope, the output is 1080P - that isn’t 4k, and they haven’t started making 4k blu-ray players yet - so this player is nice for all the features except for 4k

Anyone know if this thing can do Amazon Prime video?

What’s mildly odd about this unit is that there’s no reviews of it on Amazon and it’s virtually unrecognized by the Google. Even Panasonic’s own website doesn’t list it in their BR player page (here).

So is this a step up or a step down from the BDT360? I’m gonna guess a step up due to the way it’s ordered in the manual, between the 460 and 360. That being said…

I saved the PDF manual that was referenced earlier. I then told Adobe Reader to do a text search of BDT361.
There’s only one mention where the BDT361 is not paired with the BDT360, and it’s not a feature difference. So I have no idea what’s up with this particular model.

Taking into consideration the price here and reviews of the BDT360 at various sites, I’m in for 1. Now I’ll have a way to watch BRs in the bedroom. I don’t need any streaming features since I already have a Roku3 hooked up to the TV.

According to the product page for the BDT360, it does not support Amazon Prime. Supported “Internet Apps” appear to be [list]
]Hulu Plus

If I’m reading the Firmware update notes correctly, the update adds an Amazon app.

Check the installation notes here.

Is it a region free player?

I just received a Panny 360 (new), late last week ($118 on Amazon) and the only diff. from a cursory glance at the 361 specs, is my 360 has only one HDMI input.
At less than $70., this, despite the refurb., sounds like a great deal, if it indeed is close to the Panny #360.
Had I known, I would have waited and taken a chance on the 361.

Btw, my #360 is region 1 only (USA and Canada)
Hope this helps anyone interested

The player says it upscales to 4k, so it seems pretty likely that it outputs 4k. It wouldn’t make sense to upscale 1080p to 4k and then only output 1080p. Does it say somewhere that network streaming is limited to 1080p?

Panasonic DMP-BDT361

Oh wise Wooters, anyone know if this unit can/will eventually support Dolby Atmos via firmware update?

Perhaps of greater relevance, is Dolby Atmos a feature that is “update-able” via firmware alone, or does Atmos require dedicated native hardware and/or circuitry ???

Are all the players now adays automatically 7.1 surround sound? I’ve bought players before only to find out they support up to 5.1.

Assuming your receiver can decode it, any Blu-ray player can as long as you configure it for bitstream out.