Panasonic Toughbook 10" i5 250GB Laptop

This appears to be the Toughbook CF-19 mk4. This is an older model than the other one for sale, which is an mk5. It has a slower CPU than the other. Given the price differential, it’s probably worth it to buy the other one.

A spec sheet for the mk4 is here and the mk5 is here.

These are cleaned up used units, I think they replace the battery but I’m not sure. Every one is in different shape. When these were for sale a few weeks ago, there was a complaint from one customer about the condition of the ones he received. I got 3 of the mk5 model and they were in acceptable condition.

The mk5 ones I got had touchscreens, and ran Debian well. I haven’t found out how to calibrate the touch screen from Linux.

I was that customer.

Woot did send an RMA for the units.

One would have been fine, but it was missing a cover for the PC card slots.

The other was missing the door and a chunk out of the corner. The refurbisher used some epoxy goop to try to patch over the damage to all the corners of the computer - which on close examination must have fallen out of a moving vehicle.

Both computers had excessive dirt around the card slots.

Screens and keyboards were in good condition though.

Considering we were the only posted complaint, we likely got the dregs of the refurbs based upon our time of order (last few hours), and no one else popped up with complaints about the condition of the computers. So I guess we were unlucky.

Beware…you can’t upgrade to Windows 10.

Yeah the touch screen blows. Wont calibrate at all.

At least on Linux I could fix the driver. Windows would be harder.