Panasonic Toughbook 10" i5 750GB Laptop

Seen these @ Newegg for 280.00 w/1 year warranty when they are in stock. (they are out right, just checked) you only get a 320gb drive but at that price, put in a 500ssd for a 100 bucks and performance will be greatly improved (anothe 4gb of ram too while your at it). Picked up a Dell XFR 6420 a year ago that was refeb’d for 350.00, another 50 for a battery slice for extra 13 hrs of power. Been a decent machine. Just heavy. Nice for camping (rv, boat).

Just because you see a toughbook for $300 doesn’t mean it’s the same as the ones they’re selling here.

The higher priced model here has over double the performance that the Core i5-540UM provides.

Provide links if you’re going to do a price comparison.

yay, firewire AND native serial!

express card AND PCMCIA? Hold me.

ordered 2 :]