Panasonic WV-NM100 Network Color Camera

its too small to hide in the dressing room :-p

The panasonic cams are very good quality and reliable. I have a couple, so dont need more. I suspect this one will move quickly too

Ya well ya finally got my woot cherry, couldn’t pass this up as my Loran is fairly out of date and my boat needs a new toy this summer. Just hoping for an actual delivery now.

Two have sold and the bar is still at 100%.

Download is broken.

Honestly, no offense people, but I don’t give a rats ass if you’re buying one or not. The constant stream of posts announcing that you don’t need one makes me want to break something. For the love of all things holy, only post if you have something to contribute about the item.

Who knew that when I took today off, it would result in an unwashed, unfed monitoring of this site? What has my life come to?

If percentages serve me correctly, seems they have 200 of these…

I’d like to know that myself.

Here’s some more spec’s at Cnet. No real reviews though.

Indoor? Outdoor? Indoor/Outdoor?

I agree with the wireless assessment. That would have tipped me over the “I Want One!” edge.

No, no! I meant, “Buy three! I just did!”

It was either the third or fourth sold that dropped the bar to 99%. So 300-400 of these.

Muaha. Good one there. Star Jones is so fat she sweats Crisco I tell ya!

Anyways, only here at work till noon today. Would be nice to see a BOC before I go though!

Please satisfy my cravings for your crappiness Woot! Maybe I’ll get one before you sell out as usual.


So far, integrator97 bought the first and last of these, and the percentage remaining is still 100% (as seen by viewing the source of the main page).

Conclusion: We are going to be here for a while.

And you were first Pager

Where are the good deals on the normal stuff?? I need 5.1 mystery speakers, im about to go look for some other deals on the internet cause im starting to lose faith in woot.

here’s the fixed link:

I’m looking for one that does motion sensor recording.
I bought a D-Link one for work, and it dosn’t do what it claims it will. At least not on an Active Directory Network.
This is a great price though, Cnet’s MSRP was $359.00