PancakeBot 3D Food Printer

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PancakeBot 3D Food Printer
Price: $199.99
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Wow, this is the coolest thing that I don’t really need.

CNet review says took 3-4 minutes to draw his face:

More detailed review on pros/cons, including finding the medium thickness for the batter:

Different review more on the process itself:

This is the stupidest thing I have ever seen in my life! Who needs to spend $200 to make fancy pancakes??? You have $200 to throw away … feed the homeless!

How high did somebody have to be to come up with this concept?

Mmmm, pancakes. :tongue:

Yeah, me too. But it did give me a chuckle or two. :slight_smile:

You’ve obviously never seen the Bugatti Toaster for a cool $1000!

Honestly, this is fun to do with the kids. Much cheaper than 3D printing! :slight_smile:

It might be stupid, but it’s also darn cool. Or rather hot. I’d love an astronaut playing with my bacon. I think every IHoP needs several of these!


@catlover instead of telling people to feed the homeless, argue for the relaxing of laws and incentives tax breaks for stores that give the ‘to old to sell, but still very much safe to eat’ food to the homeless and there you go, any burden an individual could have is gone.

@chipgreen its been a dream of many people to have a replicator, and this is the first or among the first consumer food 3d printers, the concept is very old, and you see it more with designer chocolate or flat things made, instead of calling this a 3d printers its more like a traditional c&c cutter, just with pancake batter instead of a jet of water/ laser/ drill.

@wajeremy from the way i see it, that is more then a toaster, and a first of its kind. personally, i could easily see that along with pre packaged bag meals made and sold, perfectly cooked, for people with no cooking skill. the cost is a bit up there right now but if they went mass market could likely get the cost under 300$

also, 3d printing is remarkably cheap, build your own printers from around 200$ to prebuilts that can be had from 100-300, its pretty fun to 3d print if you know how to model or sculpt.

This is a “toy” for someone that has everything, and a lot of counter space in their kitchen.

The technology would be better spent icing a cake or cookie. The pancake must over cook the first part of the pancake. Be nice to decorate you already made creation. Run this by Shark Tank and see what Kevin (mr. wonderful) thinks

Bingo, you know drugs had to be involved when this was first conceived in some undergrad’s dorm room.

I guess I can go ahead and die now. I have now seen it all.

Pff, the internet?! Stupidest thing ever. Who needs to spend $100 a month to talk to people across the globe that they don’t even know! You have $100 a month to throw away … feed the homeless!

Isn’t it “most stupid”? Is stupidest a word… or is am I thinking about stupider?

Blueberry pancakes or GTFO

And I have to say this… Can we feed them 3d printed pancakes?

Really cool, but does it auto-flip the pancake? Something as delicate as the Eiffel Tower isn’t going to survive a spatula.

I think the word you are searching for is “stupidestder”