Pancakes: Encake Your Life

Should we just assume all of these are made in China? Also, a poor grade of steel like 18/0?

Can you link me to the item you’re asking about?

Question on origin of manufacture referred to all items in this event. Question on steel grades referred to the items made of steel. Thanks

Just a fair warning to anyone considering the Chef Buddy 5 Piece Stainless Steel Bowl Set w/Lids - They are not durable, at all. The metal is super thin, the larger lids don’t seal well, and the ding/bend very easily.

They are metal, they are bowls, they include lids - but it’s not quite the great find it seems. They’ll end up relegated to lightweight prep bowl duty, for as long as they last.

Got the “As seen on TV” egg-cracker in my last Bowl of Carrots… I should’ve taken pictures or vieo because it was spectacularly bad. It’s clearly designed for quite small eggs, and it has no way to compensate for the size of the egg - so unless your eggs fall in the Goldilocks “Just right” zone, you’re going to end up with egg & shell everywhere (or an uncracked egg…).

Just sayin’ - “As seen on TV” lives up to expectations.

Also, IDK if I had a special edition or something, but mine came with a bonus “egg scrambler” in the box, which this doesn’t appear to.

I mean really - if you’re making pancakes in this pan (because you’ve already given up on life) do you REALLY need to spend another $15 on the dispenser?