Pancakes: Encake Your Life

Says it works with all stove types, does that include induction?

The steel bowls are super flimsy and cheap. They bend, the largest lid doesn’t seal. Really - not even usable and certainly not worth $10. I wouldn’t have bought them for $2 had I been able to handle them first.

I was suckered into buying these bowls, too, and I couldn’t agree with you more. Not only are they flimsy, but they’re also infinitely smaller than one would assume from the photo. They’re so small that I use the largest one as a water dish for my cat. All things considered, I’d agree that $2 would be a more reasonable price for this set. Shame on you, Woot! You owe your loyal followers much better than this!

Hilarious review of the egg cracker (that was 99 cents at the dollar store)