Egg cracker and separator: Please; this is the same price on Amazon (i.e. woot!) with free Prime shipping – i.e., 45% cheaper.

I think woot! has cracked and separated.

Some good reviews and some bad for this item – and why do you really need this, anyway?

Perfect pancake maker: here, two for $21.99 after shipping. Yet, I recently bought (as a gag gift) two of these, plus a knife, plus two odd little wallets on (created by woot!'s original founder) for $10 total (with shipping). Another woot! fail. And although they will apparently make nice little pancakes, they felt very flimsy and cheaply made, of course.

Those straight side bowls are perfect for “bain marie” items inside my pressure cooker.
Just hope they don’t take as long to get here as my last order, on Jan 30, which traveled to California on the way to northern New England.
Should arrive today.

Finally there is a way to open eggs that doesn’t involve hitting them with a hammer or throwing them at cats! No more putting them in a blender and then painstakingly removing the thousands of shell pieces by hand?! WOW!

Do those batter dispensers work if you put chocolate chips in the batter? I assume not, but that’s the only way my family likes 'em.

In OUR kitchen, we pour the pancakes then back off to a respectful distance and fling the morsels of goodness into the 'cakes. Brings our competitive spirit into play before breakfast!

Don’t buy the stainless steel bowls expecting them to be any thicker than a disposable aluminum pan.

I received mine today and they bend with very little force. :frowning:

Hmm, interested to see if they’ll bend inside a pressure cooker? Yikes.

Thanks for that.
Anyone know anything about the set of glass bowls?

An egg cracker? I guess SkyMall did go out of business, so Woot has a new source of inventory

Wish I’d seen this before I ordered.