Panda Internet & Global Security 2016

Any Wooters have experience with this Panda software? I just started their free version on a laptop and so far it seems OK. Their quick scan deleted a bunch of cookies - not sure if that was good or not. Reviews of their older versions are mixed but mostly positive on detection and negative on scan speed though reportedly resource friendly. I’ve always been a Kaspersky fan, but my multi-year ten computer subscription has lapsed.

So far I’m impressed with the free version and am tempted to buy it. Both the quick scan and the full scan were pretty fast on this Win10 laptop. It removed a “Speed up my PC” program that I was planning to remove anyway. I was given the option to save it if I’d wanted. Woot’s sale continues several more days and I’ll likely take the plunge. Seems worth it.

I’m using MSE on my Win7 desktop. Not sure if I need to switch to this.

From the AV-Test, Panda has a very high positive evaluation.

I have used Panda Internet Security for years, very successfully, I might add. However, I cannot find the way to get my purchased activation codes from Woot/Panda. I normally buy licenses through a reseller, since I’m a Technology Consultant, but couldn’t resist the cheap price. Woot, please help.

Please send your order info to; CS can check into your order info.

Pretty much decided to pull the trigger on this and am thinking I don’t need the extra stuff in the Global Security version. I was noticing, however, the pricing on the Global version is a little odd: 3 licenses for 1 year is $28. Two years is $60. It seems the two year subscription should be $56 or even a little less. Why the extra $4?

If you buy 2 ‘3 licenses for 1 year’, I guess it would be 6 licenses for 1 year, not 3 licenses for 2 years.

The question is if you need to use the license right away or you can wait for a year.

So I was the first to buy this last week. Woot states that when you purchase this you will receive an email within 24 hours with a link to download the Panda software. It’s almost been a week and I still have not received this. I have emailed customer service twice now and both times was blown off.

First time Wade in customer service obviously didn’t read my email because he told to track my stuff when I’m not getting anything but an email to download. The second customer service rep told me to wait two days and it’s been two days. Anyone else actually receive the email to download or is woot just ripping us off?

I purchased a couple of days ago and have seen nothing yet regarding activating the software. Woot’s product page has a note explaining that we are to recieve an email containing a tracking number that is actually the activation code. Haven’t seen it yet. The “stuff you bought” page does not a list a tracking number either but does say the product will “ship” after 3 to 5 days. I’m thinking Woot will eventually come through as promised. In the meantime I’m using the free trial version from Panda.

The product key codes showed up in my email inbox this morning at 5am. They are listed as being “tracking numbers” just as described on the main product page. Haven’t tried activating yet, but it looks like they should work – Oh, and the same activation codes show up on the “Stuff you bought” page too.

I had tried to put the activation codes in but it does not work for me :frowning: please help!!!