Panda loves ballet

Really? Of all the choices? I’d rather have “Pander Bears”

cute but not for me

It gives new meaning to the phrase “Buns of Steel”.

Nice pick Woot - I wasn’t expecting this one. :slight_smile:

I think the panda will crush him! :X

Wow, I didn’t see that coming. Very cute design though, I remember liking it before… was it the dance derby? Congratulations!!

looks like a “Bunny Suicide” to me

Air! Air! Air Air Air AirAirAIRAIR AIR!!!


Well, fine. I guess you guys do have to print a moneymaker to pay for the good stuff (like AIR). Hmph.

let me be the first to say it: it’s TRUE that i love sPANDAu BALLET <=b

Someone test that bunny for steroids. This is supposed to be a clean environment.

Really, I am obsessed with pandas (hence the name). But I’m just not man enough to wear this one…

I can’t tell if that’s a bunny or a dog. I’m leaning towards bunny. But I didn’t know bunnies could lift their arms like that.

Very cute! I’m surprised it doesn’t have little hearts, XOXOs, and pudgy unicorns riding fat dinosaurs dressed like chubby lions. CANNOT… RESIST… THE CUTENESS.

*Though I must say… I love lil bunny/doggie’s serene expression… now THAT’s a brave face! Why James Bond could never look that calm, I’ll never understand. I’d like to see 007 lift a panda like that! Hah!

meh, its hells adorable but I dont like the method of presentation, i would want it to be smoother lines, damn im torn. To get or not to get that is my woot question!

god, and people were complaining about the organ donation one for not being “art”

This is me doing an overhead press.

wow. when i say “i didn’t expect this” i’m basically saying, i really dislike this choice. i’d really enjoy thrashing this pick, but, hey, if its what the editors want, well, w/e. i wouldn’t be caught dead wearing this.

Ha. My 7yo daughter will love this. Congrats on the print :smiley:

That bunny must have a tough personal trainer.

lol! joy!

They make a perfect couple. Since pandas are so uninspired to procreate, the bunny might help to introduce a new species.