Panda Polo

OK, this is OK.


awww…little too quirky for me. Like the colors though, if that counts :slight_smile:

Frankly, I’m stunned. Where’s my CB shirt?

Cool, but not for me. People don’t need a reminder that I look like a panda.

I’m broke now, but come payday, I think I have to pick this one up for the extra $5.

this is actually kindof sweet

And then there were two…

Not the one for me. Maybe tomorrow.

Borat: “NYYYCE!”


we need some calvin ball

I want my CB

Very average…

what the… how the heck do you not put this on a black shirt and save yourself some ink!

Looks like the Unabomber riding a farking Panda

Bought ONE.

in for 3

Someone please remind me which two shirts are left for 3rd place?