Panda pun fun to the monster movie max. Like the style.

This shirt says it all.

Dear Wootbot staff - Yes, I am a “Pandaholic” - I watch the panda cams; but, used to be a volunteer @ National Zoo in Wash., DC & am familiar with all the sordid details of a former carnivor gone mad as a vegan.
Can I have permission to use the rantings of a Panda-lunatic for my Pandaholic BFF’s on Face Book? Pretty please with bamboo on the top??

Didn’t they already do this one?

This shirt is clearly panda-ering to the lowest common denominator

originality is dead

long before that there was this from threadless too

I own and love that threadless one, and would get this too if it didnt have the text over the top. that just makes it cheesey