i have to admit, this is pretty great

so glad it’s not a cat.

great design, glad it printed in first!

Oh man…so much for the Woot staff. Sucks to have had to move to Seattle just to get smarshed by GIANT PANDA-SAMA!!!

Congrats, no1~~!!!

Is that the Gateway Arch and the Space Needle? If Seattle and St. Louis are one city, we’ve got bigger problems than a giant panda.

Wavery buildings…looks like stomped by heat wave as well.

Mmmm… Kentucky Friend Panda. It’s Finger-LingLing Good!

How is it in St. Louis and Seattle at the same time?

Actually it looks like he’s trying to cautiously step over it.

I’m really digging the use of negative space on this tee, both on the panda and the skyline.

Congratulations! This is your 1st print, isn’t it?

One could similarly ask “how is it visible as anything from a distance of more than 5 feet?”

Congrats no1! Awe**some job :slight_smile:

I read somewhere that pandas aren’t actually bears, but are more like raccoons. Freaky.

It looks like the sun is setting in that city.

Giant pandas must be infinitely more scary in the dark.

I don’t see the appeal of this design at all. Is there something wrong with me? The fact that this won first place, and I couldn’t even imagine it in the fog.

I feel so confused.

That Panda’s about to crush the WTC. I don’t think I like the 9/11 reference.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

I guess someone is going to have to be called number one!!!

I was the one-man negativity train about this design on its derby thread, so I’ll refrain from being so here.

Congrats on your first print, no1, and no hard feelings. :slight_smile: